Paris Ritz Robbed , Boo fcukin Hoo

Was anyone killed in the ensuing car chase?


"they broke the windows and door to the jewelery store" and got £4m of stuff. Sounds secure then.... The gendame at 0.27 l'obtiendrait bien.....
Who's Paris Ritz?

Is her BFF this scuzzer?

Some Afghans apparently.
Guessing? Inside knowledge? Any link to the nationality because it's not in any of the French papers or news feeds (as of half an hour ago).
They just say "those arrested were well known to the police".
The concept someone peddling like fury is so amusing. Not half the ingenuity of the Hatton Garden heist.
Another reason for Brexit.

We don't want some foreign criminals coming over hear and ruining the excellent craftsmanship of our East End blaggers.

What's that you said, Guv'nor?


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