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#fairmaidofperth, Hi it’s Dave here, could you give us the details of that restaurant you took us to 4 years ago please. We are popping over on Thursday as it’s Nery day on Saturday
Sounds fabulous......... such a shame these quirky, quality restaurants are dying out.

As a romantic gesture, I crossed "Paris , before 40 " off my wife's bucket list.

We had no advice, like you can get these days, and I stumbled on a place near Clignancourt........ La Prune en l'hiver.

It was right off the tourist trail, a black- clad grand-mere on a tall stool behind the till, the gayest waiter (the grand- son ) taking orders, I've ever seen....... waxed moustache, curled up at the end, white pinny to the ground, when he walked past, I swear his arse- cheeks were chewing an Opal Fruit.

Started off badly, no idea what a bleeding Hereng was....... raw herring and boiled spuds, but after that....

Pave, a thick steak (a cobblestone ) so rare, I think it mooed as it came out of the kitchen, then Iles Flottante, a custardy orgasm.


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Maybe try Chez Jenny 54 Boulevard du Temple. Brasserie Alsacienne (no jokes please). Reasonable prices (though not exactly cheap), large portions.

A plate of pig cooked twelve ways along with potatoes and veg. Quite a challenge.

And fruits de mer so fresh that, if you choose a creature for later consumption, you'd better keep an eye on it because it will, pretty soon, have moved to somewhere more comfortable amongst the shaved ice.

Also doubly recommend Chartier. A restaurant, very unusually, owned by a consortium of waiters and has been for well over a century.
I am missing out on a few days in Paris this year, Doris was late booking for the Jimmy Buffet concert at La Cigalle and could only get tickets for the two early shows 20th and 22nd September as the hall is all seated, Saturday and Sunday , it's all standing , and a much better show
So this year I miss out on a fairly decent meal at La Marmite, on the pavement tables with all the yanks, like last year and the year before.. and seeing my favourite artist on stage


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