Paris in the springtime

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cuddles, Mar 20, 2007.

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  1. Ah, Paris, with its ignorant waiters, apathetic taxi-drivers, beautiful restaurants, excellent wine and five day party populated by jocks in frocks and our french hosts!

    Yet there was one thing I brought back from Paris with me that I did not take. Not an STD, duty free or even that daft beret I spent a tenner on whilst pished en route to the Stade. No, it is better than that. It is a piece of knowledge. Knowledge which I now offer to share with my fellow Arrsers.

    In the south central region of Paris you fill find a street, perhaps undistinguished in comparison to her neighbours. She has no headquarters of multi-national giants, a few neighbourhood bars and small shops. People, just like you and I, live on this street. These people do not even know how exciting their bourgeois home is to you and I.

    No, they do not have sex industry sweatshops or kebab wagons a plenty, No, beautiful models do not cavort behind undraped windows. This is not the folies Bergeres, la Pigalle or even Parc des Princes. It is the rue Mong.

    Yes, even as you fight that small grin that speeds unbidden to your lip, you must be musing on what possesses a nation to call a street after mlaaring joeys? It isn't even the centre of the balloon or ice cream industries. Well probably it isn't. Still it is a great name and I bring it back to you from our weekend away with the jocks in frocks and our French hosts. Have a lovely week and don't lick too many windows will you?
  2. Ahh, now I understand why they have that accent
  3. Brilliant, I've no idea what mong means in French and I don't care that is the funniest thing I've heard this week. Did you know of the Rue Mong before you went, or did you stumble across it entriely by accident?

    On a more serious note there is a district of Hong Kong called Mong Kok, more info here.
  4. It would be even funnier if it wasn't actually the "Rue Monge"

    Fancy you both choosing the phrase "Paris in the springtime"...
  5. Ex Stab - if you are accusing me of plagiarism then you can fcuk off and die nastily.

    On the other hand if you genuinely think it is amusing that the author of that web-site should chose, as I did, the first line of a Cole Porter-penned, million selling, hit song - which refers to Paris, spring and personal pleasure then fine. Yes, it is a bit obvious but I'm like that, uncomplicated on so many different levels.

    As for the mong v. monge, I can only plead that my RATP free-issue map definitely says Rue Mong. Look I never said I was perfect, if I had I wouldn't be abusing disabled sections of society for the entertainment of my fellow ex- and serving military colleagues would I? Or if I was perfect, perhaps I would be doing it well...

    Thanks for the web-site by the way.
  6. I knew not of the rue Mong(e) before arriving in Place Mong metro. I did not know of the mathematician/government sponsored art thief Gaspard Monge until I read his entry in wikipedia this morning. He appears to have made Goering's art-thievery look like mild pilfering.

    Edited to add:

    Some French (Gaspard) Mong(e)
  7. Mong or Monge? It's just a pathetic attempt by the frogs to boost their pathetically small volcabulary by farting about with the spelling.

    Of course some cultures are so advanced that they need homonyms to overcome the limitations of only having 26 letters to play with. Do the frogs even have homophones?
  8. Ooh touchy! Perhaps the cartographer who compiled your map was having a laugh! :D

    Here's a link to the Rue Monge on google maps.

    Oh, and a springtime song from another musical about the antics that those continentals get up to!
  9. Gaspard Monge? Surely that's the name of a cartoon character designed to warn children of the dangers of French people and window lickers?

    Edited to add, how long before that appears as a username on ARRSE?
  10. Near Portland Oregon, USA, there's a road junction/small village called Wankers Corner. Tap it into Google Earth if you don't believe me. Yes, I have had my photo taken there. No, I wasn't.
  11. Paris,

    only lasting memory of my one and last visit there (money grabbing garlic munchers!).....

    was of my Wife No 1 and I sailing down the Seinne on some tourist boat, when she sees the Eiffel Tower and says, , , , , , , ,"It's not leaning very much is it ?!"

    Mange toute, mange toute.
  12. We lived on Cloud View Road,North Point...which the cantonese called Wan King Doh!
  13. I've just been on the piss for five days and returned to my home in which i left an 18 year old would be touchy too.
  14. Just round the corner from Rue MongE is the Scottish College. Coincidence ou pas?

    That wasn't you Cuddles that asked me for directions to the Auld Alliance post match was it?
  15. On Sunday? Three of you girls and a lad? Just up from Galleries Lafayette? Couldn't help but were sweet about it? Could be...