Paris Hilton what a babe

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Daz-Burns, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. see paris hilton dvd is doing well on good old ebay ofcourse i would not be interested .........but thought i would share this with you guys.
    ebay number 6383554639

    happy hunting

  2. and why would we be interested in a vacant-headed, flat-chested, parasitical rich bitch who is milking her 15 minutes of fame for all its worth before retiring with her wrinkles to spend her inherited millions until the bank is dry...

  3. Daz,

    which planet are you on? Try any of the FTP sites out there and find 'that' video. She is indeed, flat chested, thick and a complete bore. She is one dumb fcuker, relected in her 'performances'. Why she is 'famous' is beyond me.
  4. Her Mate NICOLE LENZ. has a better video.

    Great one of her and her mate lezzin up.. :p 8O :D
  5. Maybe but she is still nailable :D
  6. Semper:

    too easy.. where's the challenge..? and, from what I've seen and read, a sock has more response...

    with so much more quality fantasy babes out there [ Angelina- swoon ] Paris is just not worth the effort to tug...
  7. I agree i have seen the video and have a copy of it, its over rated and of poor quality, Paris is a money grabbing socialite that should have been put down years ago.

    And that programme her and nicole done is proof of this testiment!
  8. now i'm all for a bit of fantasy fcuking, but please..

    all she has is a bit of a dirty rep which has since been proven to be false (oh well, i'm bored fcuk me but put my nighty back down and don't smudge my lippy please)

    at least people like angelina jolie et al look like they really WILL be dirty!
    and i would think about doing a really dirrrrrrty girl
  9. hook-nosed plastic-pouty bottle-blonde rich whore. she's minging.
  10. RTFQ


    You've met beanz then.
  11. In the annals of amateur film, reserve a footnote for June 24, 2004, the crossover moment for the celebrity sex tape. That day, a German paparazzi caught Paris Hilton on a L.A. boulevard, like any tourist at a souvenir stall, purchasing a ' bootleg' copy of her first [ cough -ahem ] widely circulated sex tape, 1 Night in Paris [ love the title ]

    Say what? Hilton, the first ' star' to be baptized via nightvision goggles since the Patriot missile, had long been cast - legal maoeuvering aside - as a winking accomplice to the publicity ride. The celebrity sex tape as career move, after all, is a well-essayed topic. Surely she had a personal copy? if not the master, kicking around?

    reality has a way of re-writing history[ snicker ].whatever else the tape became - for her, a celebrity space launch, for us a massively over-exposed in-joke - its still a ' personal memento '..

    These days anyone's shoebox stash can be an upload away from sex-tape infamy, sexploits of Pam and Tommy Lee are now a ' cottage industry '...anyone remember Jayne Mansfield? Rob Lowe and his child co-star?..
    Homemade porn is a popular less-private genre unto itself...Digital cameras are being flogged as expressly for such purposes..Sanyo has released a ' survey ' that found a whopping 43% of 16 -24 year old males claim to use their appliance for sex acts, while the ladies are lagging behind admitting to only 13% would like to make ' naughty home movies '...
    [ but 100% , under ' penetrating questioning admitted to liking to watch '] it sure isn't hard to find the video journal entries on the weeb..the star-bonking stag flick is now a chronology of gawking on the internet... Guess we're all shoppers at the souvenir stall..

    Unless some of you want to admit to being ' playas ' and having something you can ' stream ' to us voyeurs - er - film critics -
    always willing to assess technique - cinematographically speaking - [ lighting, make-up, effective use of props, that sort of thing.. ]...

    Oh, Paris, what have you wrought??
  12. Come on you would though would'nt you. Imagine it's Saturday night and the coach load of nurses has'nt turned up and there she is and you know she can suck a golf ball through a 25 ft hose. Or is it just me?
  13. BigT:
    It's just you.
  14. im with big T, i would have a great time!! 8)
  15. YAWN