Paris Help needed ASAP

Going to paris in 12 hours. Need tips on best places to go to eat, visit etc etc its been a few years since Ive been and Arbyette wants to do all that romantic guff.

also, whats the etiquitte of walking up to french people and saying "hi, you unrgrateful surrender monkey, My great grandfather says 'you're welcome' for the whole liberation thingy but could he have whatever's left of him back after that rather unpleasant shell incident?"
Take her to the Ritz hotel, hire a body guard and drunk French Chauffeur and give the the 'Princess' Experience.

Remember to wear a seat belt though unless you want a good 'Dodying'
Pick up a copy of Pariscope on arrival.

all that is on, good deals and such.

Rough Guide to Paris . get it at your local library, or buy a copy.
Don't go It is SH1t. Try and change your flight to Amsterdam
I know you will ignore my advice and still go anyway, but don't come back here moaning how bad it was.
Im not allowed to go to Amsterdam vandyke, she says I will do bad things. she is right. Arbyella probably would prove less confusing and would prevent all the accusation of being a nonce, but somehow its stuck.

Is the eiffel tower still shi.t?
Wot Pappyrat said. They are on a nationwide transport strike at the moment. Its shite.
Jaz club at the Meridian Etoile, just around the corner from the Larc de triumphe is a good craic as is the Irish pub just around the corner. But dont go for the next week or so.
See if you can get inside Paris Hilton.
Bowfinger,place de Bastille is a very nice restuarant, if you like seafood; Terminus Nord near the Gare Du Nord and Le Train Bleu (At the Gare de Lyon) are also very good resstuarants.

Clealry a stroll by the Seine at night hits all of the romantic buttons/though not necessarily under some of the bridges unless you and the tramps have a thing.
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