Paris Explosion

From the BBC site

A parcel bomb explosion has killed one person and injured at least five others at law offices in central Paris.
The former law firm of President Nicolas Sarkozy is located in the same building as the office where the device exploded, at 52 Boulevard Malesherbes.

A lawyer and his secretary were among those injured, the French news agency AFP reports.

The building also houses The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah - a Holocaust remembrance body.

French officials said the parcel bomb exploded on the fourth floor - not the one where Mr Sarkozy's old firm is located.

It was addressed to the law office of Catherine Gouet-Jenselme, AFP reported. It was not clear why she may have been the target of an attack.

Another parcel bomb arrived at the same address, but remained unopened, officials said.

French Interior Minister Michele Alliot-Marie was rushing back from Brussels to visit the scene. She condemned the bombing as a "cowardly, odious act".

The mayor of Paris and police chiefs have already gone to the scene.

There was no immediate indication that the attack was linked in any way with President Sarkozy.

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