Paris Dash for H4H and Keech Cottage

Some members of D Sqn 254 Med Regt are cycling from Hitchin to Paris at the end of April, raising funds for H4H and a local kids hospice, Keech Cottage. We're hoping to do the journey in just 3 days.

There's a little bit more info here; Paris Dash website and we have two just-giving sites:

Just-giving site for H4H collection.
Just-giving site for Keech Cottage

There's already been a great response, we were collecting at Hitchin Football Club on saturday and they generously gave 130 pounds to the cause, and future plans include fund raising at the local Sainburys and bag packing at a local Tesco.

We've already had generous sponsorship that has covered the ferry crossing but if anyone can donate to help with the hotel bills that would great, at the moment were having to pay the whole thing ourselves, though we are getting a discount.

Bump again (don't worry, it'll be all over at the end of the month!)
Last bump, it's starting this friday.

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