Paris - Dakar cancelled!

So a lack fans of driving like a loon through the desert?

Ah well, maybe when they cancel a few kissball matches because of fears of "terrorist risk" then we might sit up and take notice.
beat me to it! Just saw it in disbelief on Reuters. Well they would have to be bloody good shots to hit someone while racing!
A sad day as it is a great event. Perhaps the Marathon des Sables will go the same way??? These bastards are starting to control our lives!


So the Stephane Peterhansel rally is cancelled, shame as it appears to hand a point to the bad guys.

Was it not possible to re-route without Mauritania?
Anybody would think the world used to be a safe place or something. Fcuking whinging luvies trying to control everything.
Cancelled due to terrorist threats? There go our 2012 Olympics then :roll:
Know it's not the NAAFI but seeing the title of the thread gave me mental images of French Government Ministers sitting around deciding "You know what? I've never liked Dakar, lets cancel the place." Mind you, not like it went very well the last time they tried that. :)

a_nony_mouse said:
Cancelled due to terrorist threats? There go our 2012 Olympics then :roll:
Unfortunately we'd still have to stump up all the cash to build/set everything before they decided to cancel it which would make it all doubly useless then. Probably get stuck with massive late cancellation fees knowing how well this government runs large programs like this.

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