Paris Brown Interviewed

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by fltpilot, Apr 20, 2013.

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  1. Paris Brown: Kent Tweet row girl interviewed by police.
    The former Kent youth police and crime commissioner has been interviewed under caution by a Special Branch officer over comments she made on Twitter. Paris Brown, 17, who quit the £15,000-a-year post on 9 April, is being investigated over tweets which could be considered racist and homophobic.

    By the look on her picture she may have trouble getting a job now.

    What job do people think she could do now?

    Link from Auntie @ BBC News - Paris Brown: Kent Tweet row girl interviewed by police
  2. KFC or Maccy D's
  3. Lets destroy a 17 year old girl. I hope whichever bed-sit dwelling creature instigated this one is raising a solo glass of Carlsberg Super tonight at his heroic actions. The fucking wretch.

    She made a childish mistake - excusable for a child. Lets burn her with bleach.....

    I'm angry over this as I see a good person completely screwed by a system that lends itself to taking complaints from indivividuals with no other interest other than that the person they are complaininig about has a higher level in life's complex typocgrophy. And as for the creature that made an offical complaint about her, higher than him refers to my neighbours cat. The cunt.

    Final edit. I hope that arrse members will remember that we are talking about a 17 year old child here and if you can really find her comments offensive, what where YOURS like when bevvied up in BAOR waving those long rifles around. Far worse I suspect yet it's always nice to see a bit of schadenfreude.
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  4. Er,I think you'll find that "the fucking wretch" in question was the 17 year old herself.

    Apparently,she put some rather ill conceived 'tweets' on Twitter,during the year leading up to her appointment,and they came back and bit her in the bum! ;-)
  5. Yes, to which some bed-sit dweller had to appoint himself as suitably offended on behalf of the UK population. Was it you?
  6. I'm sure she will be delighted that some anonymous bloke(?) on the internet is defending her honour.
  7. So, here's a question - which Arrser was suitably offended to make a hurt feelings complaint?No matter what you think of her 81mm applied make-up, does she really deserve a criminal record?
  8. Who said an Arrser made any complaints? It's not because of her make-up that she's getting a criminal record (although there's probably a few who reckon she should), it's because she couldn't keep from gobbing off!

    Fuck me, who's the pregnant one in your family because I reckon that you're the one with the raging hormones!
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  9. Apparently some of the tweets were quite rude to certain members of community. Would you be as defensive for a 17yo ASBO Lad?
  10. A reminder of some of her tweets

    “OH MY GOD WILL YOU PIKEYS STOP NICKING THE FUCKING TRAIN TRACK METAL. I'm on a fucking replacement bus, fucking stupid moronic fucks”

    And the gay problem:

    “Everyone on Made In Chelsea looks like a fucking fag”

    And the condoning violence problem:

    “I don't condone violence but I'm so pleased that my brother thumped the fat little shit that gave his friend a black eye”

    And the drugs problem:

    “I really wanna make a batch of hash brownies”

    And the foreign-speaking pizza delivery guy problem:

    “‘Fucking hell why are the people from Direct Pizza so difficult to talk too!! IT IS CALLED ENGLISH. LEARN IT.’”

    And the inflated sexual expectations problem:

    “Worst part about being single is coming home from a party/night out and having to sleep alone. BAD TIMES.”
  11. Joker, just don't like seeing a 17 year old so slated for the normal drival that comes out of a 17 yo mouth. Someone has filed an official compliant and that someone will have nothnig to do with Paris or nothing to do with the complaint - other than being offended. Never said it was an arrser however the joy that many express, maybe covers up their own inadequate lives.
  12. Look for who was runner up for the job of 'special yoof adviser to the rozzas on yoof matters and stuff'.

    That's what Columbo would do, before sorting it all out in the drawing room 40 minutes later... but still buying or obtaining something for Mrs Columbo and chain smoking about 20 cigars bigger than your forearm.
  13. It might be worth bearing in mind that some of these "offensive" tweets were made a couple of years ago when she was 14/15. Can any of us claim that at that age we didn't spout of complete crap. I'm prepared to state right here that I said a lot worse than that at her age. Fortunately for me the digital age hadn't arrived and nothing got recorded for posterity. I would hazard a guess that the majority of the outraged / offended complainants are on the opposite side of the political divide to this girl.
  14. [​IMG]

    Good chebs though.