Paris - Any recommendations on Hotels?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by nips, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Looking to book a trip to Paris for a couple of nights. Anyone got any advice on where to stay (bearing in mind the missus is coming)

    Also debating whether to fly or take eurostar.

  2. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Rue St Denis :cyclopsani:
  3. There are some very good deals with eurostar which include hotels.
  4. If your near london or kent. The eurostar is a must as CDG can be a mare to get to and has a tendancy to be evacuated on the odd occasion.

    Try for train and eurostar deals.

    Or.......F1 is a worldwide chain of budget hotels which are clean and extraordinarily cheap in Paris.
    The metro is excellent so wherever you stay you will be in range of all the sites.
  5. Apparently the "Hilton" is quite good.

    I know, its in the cloakroom............

    SK :cyclopsani:
  6. I looked at that for a full minute before the penny dropped.
  7. There are plenty of hotels, but I you want to show the Mrs a great restaurant, there can be only the one choice:

    Le Train Bleu

    Not cheap, but once visited, never forgotten.
  8. Is the Hilton not a bit over exposed in the media and too many people go there?

    Also a bit on the pricey side for what you get.
  9. Was at the Intercontinental, Le Grand a few weeks ago very nice but a bit on the pricey side (firm was paying for me) :D
  10. May I suggest you try

    I recommend you stay in the 1st Arrondisement as most of the major tourist attractions are there within a reasonably short walk.

    What you'd be looking for in expedia would be a real keen deal on the most expensive hotels in the city, i.e. the Intercontinental or the Regina.

    Both of those hotels are 900 euros a night per room normally but what you'll find on expedia is a knock down price. My wife and I were able to stay two nights at the Regina (right on the Rue de Rivoli - across the road from the Louvre) for £350 each, including direct flights from our local airport and including a continental breakfast.

    Make your life easy. Fly to Charles de Gaulle airport and get the train to La Gare du Nord. You're a short taxi drive from the 1st Arrondisement then.

    within five minutes walk from the Regina is:

    The Tuillerie Gardens (Gardens of the Tuillerie Palace - now called the Louvre).
    Place de la Concorde
    The Louvre itself
    Rue de Rivoli (drop into Carols Cafe for the most amazing experience in Louis Quinze decor and superb service.

    The backstreets in that are are brilliant for women's shopping as well with some marvellous items which would cost a fortune at home going for a few euros. Check out the high quality china for a start.
  11. Here's the cheapest deal I can find in the Premier Arrondisement for this Friday and Saturday night.

    Avg/person: £234
    Citadines Apart'hotel Les Halles
    This seven-story hotel overlooks fashionable boutiques in a small square, adjacent to Les Halles’ shopping and a five-minute walk from Pompidou Center. More hotel info
    Total: £468

    Paris, France
    StudioBreakfast not included
    Check in: 9/03/07
    Check out: 11/03/07


    Edinburgh (EDI) to Paris (CDG) Depart: 9/03/07 06:05 - 09:15 Air France
    Paris (CDG) to Edinburgh (EDI) Return:11/03/07 07:20 - 08:20 Air France

    Choose and continueCustomise
    this tripChange flight
  12. And here's the cheapest five star in the area for this Friday & Saturday. (Bear in mind, the further away you stay from this area the cheaper the hotels get but the closer you are the more time you save going places.

    You can also enjoy a hotel like this without paying through the nose for food and drink. Paris is crammed with wee streetside cafes where you can buy food and drink at (not too) extortionate a price.

    Avg/person: £392
    Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel
    Set in the city’s business and luxury shopping district, the hotel is five minutes’ walk from the Place Vendôme jewelers, the Louvre’s Tuileries Gardens, the ... More hotel info
    Total: £784

    Paris, France
    Deluxe roomBreakfast not included
    Check in: 9/03/07
    Check out: 11/03/07


    Edinburgh (EDI) to Paris (CDG) Depart: 9/03/07 06:05 - 09:15 Air France
    Paris (CDG) to Edinburgh (EDI) Return:11/03/07 07:20 - 08:20 Air France

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  13. The best low-medium price hotels that I have stayed in are the Campanile chain ( Good rooms, reasonable rates and very good hotel restaurants (2 course buffet and main for about £9-10). There are a number around the city with easy access to the centre. In the centre of Paris (within the Peripherique) you can walk to most places worth seeing.
  14. I've been having a look on the Eurostart site, looking to go in June...found some great deals - looking at £150 a person for 2 nights all in! All hotels are reviewed and have the average score out of 5 and a few photos... the majority looked alright for that price. The only costly part of the trip is the engagment ring I'm buying!! Is it too late to turn back?? :pale: