Why did it even get to the courts...these women should have been 'administered' by the father (who is in the Forces) in the error of their ways. I have 3 kids and this sort of thing really turns my stomach, fcukin witches...burn em all.
I have just had to go back to read the article again and I still can't believe it...before burning them I think they should be made to mill against each other first, just like they did with the 2 year old...fcukin, fcukin bitches.
And that's why men beat women! They're goaded into it at a young age by fcuking munters! Thank god she's not his wife - fancy taking that minger to a Mess do! Hope her neighbours burn her out - anal rapes to good for them!
Very dissapointing that these women did not get a custodial sentence. They may not pose a threat to society but they should be punished for their proven wrongdoing. Rehabilitation is not all that prison is about. I am sure they would get a nice reception from the other lags inside if locked up. Nice to see that they are banned from ever working with children though.
And the Tories want you to hug a hoodie. When will ALL the political parties wake up and realise this is where it starts?? By giving this scum suspended sentences it's sending out the message that it's ok, we'll just slap your wrists. These kids could have grown up with serious problems and an attitude against the world that most teens I bump into seem to have. (I'm not generalising or stereotyping merely summing up my own experiences)
Come on own up which one of you done the fat slag?

Suspended sentences are really a sign of our times.. prisons are so full the Judges are learning to be a bit more creative with the sentences.. however I believe there is an island off Scotland which has anthrax think they should all be sent there...

Poor kid.. glad he was saved by his Dad...
This is why we should start issuing licences for people to breed.

I saw footage of them leaving court and they looked like a right bunch of chavs all bellies and tattoo's out.

Perhaps breeding licences (enforced by compulsary contraception until said licence is gained) will prevent the underclass producing more welfare handout thirsty offspring for them to drag up.

Seeing as the kids are now, luckily, with their dad the b!tches should have been jailed. Typical soft sentencing from our judiciary.
DontMentionTheWar said:
lsquared said:
SUSPENDED sentences !!! Give us all strength.
Unless suspended from a yard-arm.

Pity the Court couldn't sentence them to being compulsorily sterilised to avoid the prospect of them dropping another fighting squad.
Roger that. Spay any of the b*tches that are still ovulating, they cannot be trusted around nippers and their chances of reoffending must be reduced.

This is one of those times when the sight of an angry mob of shellsuits and hoodies burning down their gaffs would be a welcome sight on TV. No chance, we will probably hear next that the Plymouth police are having to keep an eye on them in case the the sl*appers in question get traumatised by the smell of burning chavette effigies.

Suspended sentences and 100 hrs of loafing around, hardly fitting reward for the massive betrayal in trust.
I am glad to say that I cannot comprehend how any mother, aunt or grandmother can do this to two small children they are supposed to love and care for. I hope that the kid's dad and paternal family give them a much happier home and people who will cuddle them and console them when they are hurting and not encourage the to fight back. This makes my blood boil these women should be locked up.