Parents Steal Poppy Tin In Daughters Pram

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Archangel, Nov 11, 2009.

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  1. Ding Ding - All aboard... Tickets please.
  2. Indeed... the outrage bus is about to leave. Move along inside there and hold tight please! (Personally I have a season ticket)
  3. The holder of the first ever FMT600 stamped with an 'ARRSE Outrage' Qualification :wink:

  4. Thanks Kill! Clearly I'm in esteemed company!

    'Ere, Butler... get that outrage bus out on time!!

  5. I'll have a ticket please! Top deck.

    Kill them... just kill them... baaah!
  6. Day saver return please....
  7. Did anybody read this comment below the article? TWAT

    "is the charity organisations that are the true thieves. Cancer research, NSPCC, water appeals, poppy day- it's all a money making scam.

    You fools give them your money because you BELIEVE that they do good, but you have not been given PROOF. Most of that money goes into the pockets of company executives and the rest goes into employing more charity begging trolls and advertisement campaigns.

    Ask yourself this: If charity is using this money to do good then why has NOT ONE problem been solved by them? We are stuck in the same situation we have been for DECADES."
  8. I'll have ticket please....standing room only? never mind i'll sit on the roof.

  9. Can I see your ticket Sir?
  10. Sorry, one way please!
  11. Yes. Outrage bus. Very funny. For the billionth time. Aren't you all clever.

    It's still a pretty awful thing to do and I hope they catch the thieving bastards.
  12. Err... yes. That was my initial point! 8O
  13. None at all.

    We need a bigger bus.
  14. Well he was ex REME!