Parents should be allowed to choose babys sex, say MPs

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Agent_Smith, Mar 21, 2005.

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  1. Slippery slope to designer babies or just a harmless way to help couples get the family they want?

    MP's recommend allowing couples to choose babies sex
  2. Trying to play God again. No doubt it'll be favoured by the trendies.
    All the Asians will have boys so as to save on the dowery.
  3. Fatty BBC claims to be pregnant. Wonder if her offspring will recieve her pie gene?
  4. Utter shite... What next... choice of hair colour. Beam me up Scotty!
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Very good point.
    Now perhaps we can rid the planet of Gwas.
  6. Look on the bright side - might cut down on the numbers of gay and lesbian? Surely no parent would want one of those?

    (Now going into hiding for a week or two)
  7. I can only see a point to this if the parents are carrying genes that could cause problems in children of a particular sex. I can't remember specific conditions where this happens but I do remember hearing that there are some.
  8. Doesn't take much imagination to suss out the consequences.. just look at China.. they had a repressive one family one kid policy.. most ' opted ' to make sure it was male.. now the country has a whackload of young men with no prospect of marriage because of a severe shortage of females.. [guess they'll all have to turn gay, then...]

    serious result is a major economic problem...

    on a nother note, if cloning/designer gene pool dipping is allowed.I can see thay day when, if not the state, then a large segment of society will be dabbling in eugenics every bit as bad as ol [ him again ] Hitler envisioned.. after all which parents wouldn't want their kid to grow up big, tall, handsome, healthy.. more want the 'boy ' to look like Superman than Woody Allen..that's a given...reminds me of that less than steller movie - Gattica - and a host of other B-film scenarios...

    and wait until some nutbar of a tip pot dioctator starts designing soldiers for the fatherland [ Turkmenistan's President for Life? - if you can pass a law to change the names of the days and months to those of your family, you can do anything ]...

    Freedom of Choice, indeed...

    Doctor: And how would you like your child?
    Mother-to-be: oh,.. blue eyes of course, and blond wavy hair, and just a touch of mathematical ability, but not nerdy, you know.. sort of an athlete, but not obsessive about his body, and then, maybe an appreciation for art
    Father-to-be: A ten inch dick...

    glad I won't be around to see the collapse of civilization
  9. I can see there being a shortage of Asian girls before very long, look at China's One Child policy, they reckon that in some places males outnumber females by 20-30%.