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Parents shocked as priest shows pornographic image


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Book Reviewer
Situation normal then. No doubt he was downloading for 'research' and got no pleasure those images whatsoever. I would never do anything like that, oh no, not me. Well, not GAY or kiddie porn, but extensive 'research done in other areas.
Don't panic, he can just confess to another kiddy-diddler - sorry, Priest - say a few Hail Mary's and he'll be absolved of all sin and clean and innocent as a new born lamb.

The cunt.
To show one indecent image he probably thought "nobody has noticed the cock on the screen, quickly move onto the next slde" but to show 15 more indecent images? What was he thinking? "There can't possibly be many more"
He still had the nerve to come back twenty minutes later and say the kids should give their communion money to The Church... yes children give generously, things are in a terrible state when the poor Father obviously can't afford a spare USB stick for his dirty hairy man pictures.
Viz used to advertise a product called "Priest Away" it came in an aerosol can and made little Timmy smell like an adult woman....can you still get it ?

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