Parents lie to get their kids in to good schools. Right r wrong?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by chocolate_frog, Dec 27, 2011.

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  1. I agree.

    Planning to send young Master Bushmills to good schools here in OZ and if he boards, it's going to cost $50k per annum.

    Can't blame parents for lying, I sure as hell would if I had to!
  2. In an ideal world there would be no "bad" or "good" schools. Every school would (should) offer a satisfactory standard. Unfortunately this is not an ideal world..................
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  3. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Like Labour proved by throwing twice as much money at the NHS? That won't do it, mate.

    What we need are more robust teaching methods (see my posts ad nauseum on dyslexia) and more robust discipline (the problem there, of course, being that we're now in a situation - because things have been allowed to drift for so long - that some parents as well as their hellspawn have no concept of the word).

    We also need to get over the ridiculous notion that all children, no matter how disruptive or 'learning impaired' belong in mainstream education.

    (In the latter case, I can think of a very courageous article by the parents of a Down's Syndrome girl who were aghast at their daughter being forced into a normal school; as the father said, "She's not learning impaired, my daughter is mentally handicapped."

    I've also got direct experience of a friend's son who's autistic and who is bullied mercilessly in a mainstream school; all the teachers will do is say that he "has to learn to cope". Well, no - the poor lad's getting ragged shitless and the bullies are being allowed to get away with it. The teachers are guilty of a terrible dereliction of duty and the lad's only being damaged further.)

    Add to that unions that don't conspire to ensure that only 20 per cent of crap teachers are got rid of and we might be getting somewhere...

    **** it, where's the rest of that port...
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  4. It does put in to perspective the Sir Humphrey Appleby quote in the National Education Service episode.

    'You can't have good schools, everyone would want to go to them' or words to that ffect.
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  5. It is all typical of nationalised industries: force people to use what is provided, no matter how bad.

    The fix is simple enough, have an internal market, or better yet an external market. i.e. children go where the parents want them to, subject to admission standards, and funding follows the children. Ideally private schools are allowed to get in on the act and get the same funding as the state ones, plus top up fees from the parents. If a school goes bankrupt then it is closed and the head teacher dismissed for gross negligence.

    Incidentally, it is a little know fact that state schools existed before “free” education. The problem was nobody wanted to go to them, so the state made them “free” and imposed taxes which ensured that only the rich could afford to send their children anywhere else.
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  6. Why do I get the feeling that the parents who 'cheat' to get places at 'good'state schools are;
    Probably married
    In full time employment
    The mother knows the name(s) of the father(s)
    Tend to know where their sprogs are most of the time
    Care about their sprogs doing well for themselves
    Know little about 'their rights' and carer UB and other claims to be made from the state?
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  7. Probably those ghastly, pushy mothers, who wear fur coats but no knickers and drive 4x4s on the school run, abandoning them wherever they can park (usually in a space you could get two articulated lorries) in the lanes surrounding the school after using the rear view mirror to freshen up the lippy :D
  8. If you lie to get your kids into a decent school, you're denying a place to somebody who *should* be able to get in.

    Its fraud.
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  9. If a school is closed, for whatever reason, there is no need to dismiss anyone for gross negligence. All the staff are made redundant. The good ones will have no trouble finding a job in another school. The bad ones...........

    Or course state schools existed before "free" education, and it is hardly surprising that a lot of people didn't send children to them - they weren't free. That was the whole point of the Education Act 1870 - it made primary education both compulsory and free.
  10. And in other news, men lie in pubs and bars to get into bed with pretty gals.
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  11. Parents insist little Johnnie really did write that A*-winning coursework all by himself and the UCAS personal statement about wanting to become a doctor to help all the black babies was his own work too.

    "Everybody lies."
  12. So is claiming money under false pretenses, such as an infanteer.

    Would I lie to get my daughter into a better school rather than the closer sink estate one? Too ******* right I would.
    Why should my kid be penalised in a social experiment school?
    Why should my child's education suffer in the name of 'progress' and 'equality'?
    I've already looked at, and taken appropriate actions to get my daughter into the school I want for her, where academic achievement is awarded. I'd hate for her to be dragged down, or underachieve due to 'right-on' teaching standards where every child is equal.

    B_B, maybe if you paid more attention to your kid, she wouldn't be in a position where leathering her father is an option she feels is justifiable.
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  13. Rubbish!!!!!!!!:tp:

    It's ******* parents like you that teach your ******* horrible little brats
    how to cheat & lie their way through life. How they are Entitled
    to everything they want, without working for it.
    How their mediocrity is outstanding!:flower:

    While I agree that the rules need changing, they are the rules......
    if you get caught lying to get your spoilt screaming brats into a school against the rules....I hope
    you're made to look the **** that you are!

    If you don't like the system...get it changed or have a vasectomy!:yawn:
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