Parents Day at Catterick.

Attended Parents Day at Catterick on saturday to see how my son is progressing with his basic.
What a brilliant day. We got to see the lads doing drill and various field craft exercises, and got the guided tour and talk.
I realise its very early days, but I was gob-smacked in how far he has progressed in only four weeks, you can see the changes in him already, his appearance was immaculate, he seemed more confident, and has become about six inches taller ( the teenage 'slouch' has gone)
Another positive and encouraging point was how these lads have already bonded togeather, they really do look out for one another.
Hope you dont mind the post gents, I'm not offering or asking for advice, just trying to give a positive take on what can be a worrying time for all the family.
You will notice more changes in him as he progresses. Take this time to be very proud of him, he has taken on a 'noble profession'.

He will need plenty of support from family and friends during training, and the rest of his career, which i'm sure he will get.

Good luck to him, and of course you
Great to hear all the positive feedback from Catterick, and glad your sons doing well...

Im off to Catterick on the 1st of july, bit nervous but extreamley excited. any other info you know? or have come across that might be usefull to me?

thanks, and keep us posted on your son.
We've got our parents day at Pirbright on Thursday - can't wait to see how my little soldier has been getting on. Very, very proud time for all of us :D

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