Parents banned from Playground

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by DeltaDog, Oct 29, 2009.

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  1. I'm sure this particular incident is isolated, but there's something deeply unnerving about local councils feeling they have the right to interfere in family life to this extent...

    Metro link
  2. Mayor Dorothy Thornhill is a cunt. Endex.
  3. Mind you,if one of the obese parent's tripped and crushed a child or two,then Mayor Thornhill would be seen as a prophet who foresaw the impending disaster.
  4. Who enforces this?

    Do the Local Authority pay people to monitor and patrol the playgrounds?

    Are they CRB'd?

    Is it the plod being made to patrol the areas asking parents if they are CRB'd?

    If someone tried to stop me taking my son to a playground I would:

    Firstly think it was some kind of wind up


    Beat the sh1t out of them
  5. This is just the first step in the master plan to remove all children from the supervision of unqualified, untrained and politically unsopund parents and put them into council run indoctrination camps / nurseries (Delete whichever is untrue / unaccepteble).
    This policy will also enable councils to employ more child developement co-ordinators directly from guardian recruitment.
  6. My chuckle at your comment was cut down by the sad realisation that it is of course completely true.
  7. Hang on, wasn't the nursery worker in Portsmouth CRB checked, yet she was still abusing small children....

    "Today's climate" of fear and PCness...
  8. According to Watford Borough Council and contrary to media reports, the council have not banned parents from public parks and playgrounds in the town.

    Harwoods and Harebreaks are not open public facilites. They never have been. They are closed, fully supervised facilities.

    They are no different to other fully supervised facilities, like schools, playgroups or nurseries - to which adults may take their children, but are not allowed to stay.
  9. Only a matter of time before people start killing some of these Stazi
  10. So when a child hurts himself in a playground and looks for a parent what is the poor little mite to do?

    I think this story is a bit of a red herring.
  11. The child could always do what anyone who is now over 40 did.Get up,remove gravel from knees,carry on.
    Helicopter parents will not allow a child to grow up and learn that falling from a tree is not something you do twice.
  12. Agreed, VM. I was thinking more along the lines of this proposal being extended to all playgrounds including those used by the very young. Like you, (I suppose), I think the apron strings do need to be cut at some point in a youngster's life.
  13. A friend of ours had a baby.They came too see us,sat in garden.Kid eating soil,grass.I mentioned it to the Mum.She wasn't bothered.Her theory being that it would help develop the childs' immune system.Maybe she was correct?
    Sorry for going off piste.
  14. Disgraceful. How dare you come on here with a sensible answer and contrary opinions.

    The truth is somewhere in-between the two stories though. Here's a direct copy of her blog before it was taken down this morning (I love having cached copies available):

    Idiot paranoia from an idiot Mayor handled by idiot council staff.
  15. Not so much about the kids' being hurt.More about the Council arrse covering "just in case"?