Parents and AFC Harrogate?

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by DeltaIRE, Jan 31, 2011.

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  1. Hey everyone,

    I just got back from my British Army Insight Course done by the Rifles' and I loved it, everything about it, I didnt want to leave. Now, while I was there we had tuition on different career moves and trades within the army and one of the Staff Sergeants mentioned AFC Harrogate, which I believe is like a junior entry for 16/17 who want to become soldiers with extra tuition until they hit 18?

    Anyway, I've been looking into it since I've got home and I really want to apply for it, I'm 16 and I reside within the Rep. of Ireland. I've got two problems but:

    1). I finished my Junior Cert last year (which is the equivalent of the UK'S GCSE's) with 9 honours and 3 pass, how will that convert to such and such or how will it be graded if I apply to AFC Harrogate?

    2). My parents, they are against me joining any sort of army, and it was a wonder that I was able to go to that Insight Course for a week, legally am I allowed to apply myself, or will my parents have the final say (no) on the matter?

  2. It may be worth including your age; whilst I am not up to date on recruiting matters if you are under-18 you may require parental permission.
  3. Firstly you shouldnt of been able to do any Insight course with the Army without parental consent as anyone under the age of 18 must have parental consent to do any activities.

    Secondly you cant start the application without parental consent (on your AFCO4) and then if allocated a place need to get parents consent forms if parents dont want you joining you cant till over 18.

    Regarding Harrogate if you pass the whole of the selection process and get allocated you can go to AFC Harrogate up to 17:5 and the other college at Winchester till 17:1............In Harrogates case you dont actually need academics as its for jobs that dont require them...............look at the AFC Harrogate threads.
  4. The_Iron: Sorry lads, you misunderstand me, both my parents did sign the forms for going to the Insight Course. I'm 16-years old by the way, I said it in my opening post.

  5. Oops, need to sort my reading out - missed the key detail I was looking for!!

    Best of luck, although it would seem you may have to wait a while before embarking on a military career.
  6. Yes but you asked about parents having the final say....which they do.....if they dont want you joining you can't till over 18.
  7. I said to one of my parents, and the reply actually wasnt that bad, I was told to get more info. :)

    Guys, to apply to AFC Harrogate do I actually need to join the British Army, or am I missing the point of the "junior soldier entry", or have I answered my own question... ?

    Could someone run me through the selection process from and to my first day at AFC Harrogate?

  8. AFC Harrogate and ATFC Winchester are both part of the Army. You'd be a soldier, and paid as such, whislt there. I think you aren't legally binded to serving, however, until you are 17.5 or 18 (cant remember which).

    Both are good starts to a military career.

    Talk to your parents, also let them read any bumph you have collected and ask them to go in to the ACIO with you. They'll have to signto allow you to join up under 18 anyway.

    Find out what they object to (if anything) it could be that they want you to get a career that you can use outside of the army, or perhaps there is a bit of misguided beleifs ie bullying etc.
  9. Will the selection process to enlist as a junior soldier actually be shorter than it would be enlisting as a real soldier? I still have to do the medicals, fitness, BARB's, and everything else that goes with it, right?

  10. Best bet, Is to sit down and chat to your Mum and Dad about this. I understand your from Rep Ireland which does lead some many political issue. However sit down and talk to your parents about it. If you can convince them about AFC and basically you will need to sell it to them, So get out all the Army Booklet and get selling. Be great for any feedback?
  11. Hey all,

    Thank you all for the support in this matter but unfortunatly it looks like a no-go. I explained to my parents but my step-da' was particulary against it. Thus, I'll have to wait till I finish school after another two years, although I'm going to apply in the next year in a half. My heart is still set on the Parachute Regiment and I'm training hard.

    -Thanks again for everything!
  12. You're gonna have to either wait til 18 to sign up, or do what a mate did and say "Please either sign me up or I'm legally old enough to leave and get a crap job in Tesco or somewhere. I don't wanna fall out, but if that's the way it is, then that's it. Even as a minimum wage Tesco bloke, I'll definately be a soldier before I'm 19 cos I'll just sign up ASAP, so why don't we compromise to each other and I'll get a trade but join now?"
    He was an 'adult recruit' cos he was 17 when he dropped outta college/6th form to start basic, but he trained as a vehicle mechanic just to get into the army under 18, before moving to the infantry ASAP.

    Basically, go AFC Harrogate now but join the sigs, engineers, REME, RLC or whatever, then at 18/19, apply to transfer to an infantry batallion, or to specialise (don't the Engineers have the chance to go for the Paras as part of the job? Or the Marines? Plus as a sig, you could go SFC - search it for details)
  13. Sept 2011 AFC (H) intake 27
    Hi there,
    Im new to this forum so hi to you all Im not sure if im doing this right but here goes anyway lol my boy is going to AFC Harrogate in Sept 2011 and i was just wondering if there are any other parents out there who's teenager is also going on the intake 27 in Sept. It would be great to hear from parents who are in the same boat as me or if there is a specific page or website for parents of teens attending this Sept.
  14. If you also look on the AFC thread you might get some others around...have you also heard of the Parents Visit on 30th July 2011??
  15. Hey I'm new here
    I'm curious
    I start my GCSEs this September
    In may I will be 15 yrs and 7 months old by May
    And therefore eligible to apply for the army
    So would I then be able to go to harrogate without completing my second year of GCSEs?
    If I am I'll probably still wait until I've completed my GCSEs it's just nice to know I have the option.