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Parental Responsibility


Boys under 10 admit grave vandalism


Two boys have admitted vandalising 150 child graves - but they are too young to be prosecuted.

The graves were desecrated and ornaments and mementoes smashed in the baby section of South Bristol Crematorium and Cemetery on Saturday.

Some of the graves belonged to babies who died in a series of botched heart operations at the Bristol Royal Infirmary in the 1980s and 1990s.

A spokesman for Avon and Somerset Police said: "Two children both aged under 10 have been interviewed in connection with the vandalism at South Bristol Crematorium over the weekend.

"They were spoken to by officers and made a full and frank admission to carrying out the damage to the graves.

"The children, who are both under the age of criminality, cannot be prosecuted for this offence and therefore no more action will be taken by the police in connection with this matter."

Police said the boys came forward when family members recognised them on CCTV camera footage and confronted them.

The parents of the boys, both from the Bedminster area of Bristol, have expressed their deepest sympathy to relatives of children whose graves were damaged and are now dealing with the matter themselves.

Police said the matter was now closed and there was no role for social services but family members were now dealing the boys.

Very sad incident for those concerned and the Law cannot touch the perportrators.  Sould the parents be made responsible and how will they punish their kids ?

Perhaps they will be banned from their Playstaions for a week or not allowed to watch TV.  I bet they won't be taken to meet the parents affected to see the grief they have caused.  An oppurtunity to learn a valuable lesson at such a young age will invariably be lost I'm sure.


I wonder what beliefs and values have been instilled in those young boys to commit an act like that in the first place.
They obviously knew what they were doing was wrong. When I was that age - I wouldn't dream of doing anything like that. I was bought up to repsect other people's property and especially 'the dead'. If I go and visit Tyne Cot or my grandfather's grave, I won't even walk over a grave, I walk around them.

It's all very well punishing these boys after the act, but how have they been bought up to do that in the first place?
Shocking!  :mad:


Going to be very politically incorrect here-when my nippers seriously misbehave they know it will result in a smack-short, sharp, extremely effective (as shown by the infrequency it needs to be applied) and something that will probably be worth 6 months in nick soon.  The bleeding heart liberals spout on about rights without remembering that with rights come responsibilities

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