Parent threatens legal action over high viz "dunce" jacket

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Tricky1982, Nov 21, 2012.

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  1. Anger As Boy Punished With 'Dunce' Jacket

    Made me laugh that, when I was at school in the late 80's - mid 90's it wasn't unheard of to have your knuckles rapped with a ruler or a board rubber lobbed at your swede for misbehaving, and troublemakers were usually made to sit at a desk on their own outside the classroom or sit facing a wall for the duration of the lesson. Are they not allowed to punish bad behaviour any more? Article makes no mention of what the scruffy oik did to require the wearing of a "dunce jacket"
  2. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Don't ever humiliate stupid children, they'll end up voting Labour.
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  3. It seems that children cannot possibly get through life without even the slightest humiliation. What next, a court action because your child is not picked in the First XI (h's devastated)?
  4. Heavens above! A dunce! In a classroom? It's not children that are stupid any more, it's that the teacher's incapable...
  5. No charge.
  6. The brat should feel humiliated about his stupid girlie hair

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  7. Doesn`t look like an Abdullah, more like a Shirley with that hair.
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  8. Too true. Anyway poor bastards father looks about 106, no wonder he has 'issues'
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  9. FFS, can't you recognise 'bait'?
  10. Shocking, a Muzzie acting like a rational caring parent 'n not forcing his kid to comply with racial stereotypes!

    He's right, it's wholly disproportionate to make a young kid wear it for that long - it becomes an unjust punishment of the individual, rather than the act. Also, wearing the jacket on its own is no punishment, it relies on the disapprobation and spitefulness of his classmates and runs the risk of turning them in to junior Arrsers.
  11. Hi-viz clothing is way too common nowadays. People wear it even when there's clearly no need for it. It's become the modern day version of the blue collar Vs white collar, too often just used to distinguish workplace dross from management. I wouldn't be surprised to see staff behind counters being compelled to wear it too. In fact they are as common a sight as litter, and frequently get ignorred due to being too common.

    Getting back to the kid at school. I can imagine that in other schools a hi-viz top would be considered special, like a prefect or monitor. Just down to a matter of marketing really. What would have been something to complain about would be having to wear his hair like a girlie in plaits and ribbons. Or just go the whole hog and put him in a dress if he doesn't get a haircut!
  12. ****!
  13. My son in law says that his high viz jacket is like a cloak of invisibility, no one takes any notice of his goings on when he is wearing it. Should mention he collects scrap metal.
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  14. Only one candidate in that School for the Dunce Cap:

    Sue Hoyland, head teacher at the school, told Sky News it was a trial "initiative" which had been "successful".

    "It's not about stigmatising children it's about tracking improved behaviour with them and allowing them to enjoy their achievements and their successes"

    Of course.
  15. Modern equivalent of a clipboard, then.