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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by LooseScrew, Nov 16, 2009.

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  1. Is there any possibility this thread could be re-started please?
  2. I think it should be restarted as well. Its the only place I can actually find out whats happening at Harrogate. My son is hopeless at telling us anything
  3. OK but how can we let people know we're restarting and direct them to here, any ideas?
  4. we will find you lol
    new house again please lets hope we can keep it
  5. I think if we parents are just allowed to discuss matters between ourselves without the need for intervention, there should be no problems. I just hope that we are allowed to do that.
  6. I think if people are not too hasty in replying to posts they feel are offensive or are taken out of context, we will be OK. If 'posters' can remember that we (parents of JS at AFC) are all in this together - we will be better off if we can all stick together and not try to put our points of view over so forcefully in future. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion of course, but its the way some people say it that has caused problems.
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Subject to some admin, we may open up the thread again. Until then..
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.