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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Disco, Nov 1, 2009.

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  1. The parent thread due to its popularity has become too large to manage.

    Here is your shiny new thread to get stuck into.

    The old thread can be found here!

    Enjoy :wink:
  2. erm, wat were we all talking bout?
  3. *looks around the room*
    *likes the decor*
    *yep think I'll take a seat*

    Well somersetlady did you ever think when you set this thread up it would become this popular?? All credit to set up something that many of us have used, and will continue to use, when we feel stressed out by "our little soldiers", when we we are glowing with pride because of their achievements and as a fabulous resource for info.

    Long may it continue, as will our friendship xxx

    (Disco you can open the champagne now :D )
  4. Oooooh I like it in here. Hot and cold running water, electricity, smells nice.
    Think I'll sit in the Chesterfield by the fire.
    Anyone putting the kettle on?
  5. Hi all, i got a bit of a fright there thinkin i had been banned from the forum :eek:

    Hope all js's are well

    mandy xxx
  6. Manders putting the kettle on. Whos for what?

    Mandy xxx
  7. Well mine will be 1 sugar and where are the biscuits!!!!

    Have my js home for the weekend 1st time since he started p2. Lovely to see him if only for a short time. He is getting very bored though waiting for spaces on the courses. But he will get there!

    Well somerset this is all down to you! you have brought so many parents together since you started this thread last year long may she continue. XXX

    And Disco thank you I like pink champagne.X
  8. Good choice 1down so that will be a couple of cases of champagne then. :D

    Hmm now thats got me thinking about a Christmas get together... possibly a little difficult to organise though due to people living so far apart but if anyone has any ideas then PM me. It would be good to catch up with some old faces and meet some of the newer ones too xx
  9. Just popped in with the chocolate biscuits and cream cakes. Will bring the mini bar in later.
    I didnt realise how big and popular this forum could be. I have had so much support thru the tough times ive had so far, spoke to some really nice people and met some nice people e.g jellybaby123, tracemac and medicineman. Would love to meet more people like them and i am sure i will.

    Thanks again to all
    Good luck to all your JS'S weather going through phase1 or pphase 2.

    Mandy xxx
  10. What a job it was getting in here! I had to bribe the bouncers on the door but they eventually let me in.
    A bit sparsely populated though. In fact it echoes a bit.
    Still, once we get the sofas arranged around the coffee table and a nice roaring log fire I'm sure we'll get more interest.
  11. If anyone is making a brew i would love one, i like custard creams with mine but hurry up as the Grand Prix is about to start!!
  12. a brew and plate of custatrd creams on the way to moose_d :D

    mandy xxx
  13. Loosescrew. Going back to one of your posts on the previous string. It frightens the life out of me thinking that my JS might change his mind and want to come out of the Army. Theres absoloutely nothing for him within our village or the surrounding areas. Even myself, working for the MOD, my job is under threat and there are no more jobs to step into.

    He has been so set on an army career since he was about 6. Although he hated me being in the army and thats why i left. He hated mummy leaving him for weeks/months at a time.

    We used to laugh and say we would buy him a suitcase and put money in it for his 16th birthday so he could leave home, and we did! LOL Although we didnt put money in the suitcase, i couldnt believe how much we had to spend to kit him up for Harrogate.
  14. Oooooh lovely i could eat a whole packet to myself. Hence thats why i am allways on a diet! I am determind to loose at least three stone in time for the passing out parade. I want to be a slinky mum in her new hat! ha ha
  15. Hi All, Well here we are on this lovely new site!!! I am joining you for the biscuits!!! Well my JS seems still alittle confused about things. Really do not know what is going on in his head. He is staying at another JS house this weekend. Which is great, a BIG thankyou to them. We are going up next weekend to see him in the Parade. I am really looking forward to seeing that.