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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by somersetlady, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Hello all.... Well the army life starts here lol.... I first have to say a huge sorry to all the lads & lasses who I said we would meet up with on sunday but after being there on sunday, between 12 & 1pm, there were so many people there, that there was no way for me to look for you all. Everyone seemed to look happy though. As soon as I walked in that gate I though Oh god lol! The barrackers were huge & I have to say that I did think 'rather them than me' lol. :wink: I think my son now regrets wearing his suit as he was sweating lol. There were others in suits though. All the staff seemed lovley but I have no doubt they will be shouting at our lot by now lol! My son called to say he was happy, they had been told that they will be made to write home in a few days lol & they are of quad biking this weekend. :D We flew up to harrogate which was fine but yesterday, my 4pm flight got postponed due to a fault in a engine! The replacement plane then had a fault in it lol, so I got home at 5.30am!!! Next time we are going by the train! So whjat if it takes 7hrs lol! I too had to force myself in my sons bedroom this morning. It has a definant wiff or after shave & deodrant. Oh yes I have to say when they came & took the lads away, I cried like a baby! :oops: All the other mums around me were also crying, so I felt ok lol. I didnt want my son to see me upset & start to worry, so very hard to keep it together. I know we are all so proud of our children for taking this huge step. I am so very proud of him. I have to say that my house seems so empty without him here. I hope we can all keep in touch on here as you have told me stuff that I didnt know etc re the boot cleaning stuff etc. If I here anything, Ill post it on here ok. Have a good day all. :)
  2. Somerset lady - your house will be full when he comes back for the first time - he will bring all of his laundry and tell you he can't do it, you will have to stock all the cupboards and the fridge with food, that he will demolish after 30 minutes. He will be everywhere when you least expect it (all the training in stealth tactics), but most probably asleep on the sofa (catching up), asleep in his room (well it's his room) or out trying to find all of his mates to show them his fat wallet and smart haircut!!

    you will always feel proud of him and always enjoy him coming back to visit - no matter how ofter or how infrequently that ends up happening. be prepared for last minute vists too!
  3. Is there anyone who has a son or daughter in Waterloo company, 4 platoon?
  4. My son is in Cambrai Company.
  5. Our daughter is in Cambrai 7 platoon, she has been issued all her green kit and been busy with her new iron!, had a couple of texts and late night calls to say all is well and thoroughly enjoying it albeit very tired.
    Had 2 picture messages of her proudly wearing her combats and still wet beret :D
    She also mentioned the welcome package we were never told about padlocks etc.
    Good luck to all who joined, and yes perhaps us proud parents can share experiences via this forum.
  6. My son just texted me tonight. Two from his Platoon have quit, one off them he was sharing a room with. From reading between the lines, I think the morale has being low in his room, as the first night he said he never slep't much as one of them who has quit had a bad night, kep't them awake - can only assume, upset, crying, etc.

    He said today got alot harder, did not say what he had done but said he seen a few faint!!

    Sent me a few picture messages wearing his Platoon Sweatshirt, Oh my, he did look tired. :)

    His Platoon get their greens/combats tomorrow. Just wondering after reading Fiasco's last post, why his daughter has hers already, anyone know why?

    Hope the morale now starts to pick up for him and his room mates, as feel they have not had the best of starts.

    It's so good that other parents are on here so we can discuss how they are getting on etc, because we all need each other, through good and bad times. We are part of a big proud family now! :)
  7. Hi everyone
    I have just discovered this forum after spending alot of time on the net in between drying my eyes since my son left on Sunday for Harrogate. It has been nice reading other parents comments - and I have learned alot from this forum. My son was traveling from N Ireland and I really don't have any information about the leave dates etc yet but according to my son "something" has been posted home.

    He has been on the telephone only to tell me that alot have already left! I know the first 6 weeks are tough and I would like to be able to attend the passing in parade and can't wait to see my son again.

    I would just like to ask - do us parents not get anything at the passing in parade - like a medal because my nerves are shattered!!

    One of many proud Mothers.

    thanks for taking the time to read this post
  8. Hi Pebbles and welcome here, glad you found us,

    First date of leave is Friday 17th October also the passing in parade. Returning back to Harragate Sunday, 26th.

    My son was in contact with a lad from N.I, did he fly over Saturday, btw?

    Proud Mother too :)
  9. Thanks Cooper

    No he flew over on Sunday, I spoke to him tonight and I think that most of the guys that flew with him on Sunday are gone! So he was a bit down in the dumps.
  10. Same here, my son was on such a high for the past month or so, esp Sunday but if you have read my previous posts, I feel he is on a downer too. :?

    He had a blood test today, start of their new medical I guess.

    What Platoon is your son in and what is he joining?
  11. I don't know his platoon - I've so many questions that I ask him when he calls I forgot about that one!! I'll find out tomorrow night.

    He's joining the Royal Irish Regiment.

    Can parents go to the passing in parade?
  12. Off course, they encourage us to go, to go and support our children as much as we can.

    I feel the passing in parade is just so much as important as the passing out. It means they have stuck out their first 6 weeks and all that goes with it.

    It's when they get their cap badge, so proud day for them too. :D
  13. Wild horses won't keep me away - I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow night for more updates and info.

    Nice chatting to you cooper.

    can't wait to tell my son about this site either!!
  14. Well ime new to this, but after reading for several months and seeing an increasing number of parents on line, i decided to join in.

    I dropped my son of on Sunday along with all the others, he's in Waterloo company and so far so good, he seems to be enjoying it.This forum has been really usefull over the last few months and thanks to all those who posted sensible and usefull information.

    After months of stress trying to get my son in, i now have the stress of hoping he will make the next six weeks, i hope he and all the others do make it, the college looks fantastic and the staff and current students were really great on Sunday, i wish i had the same oppourtunity when i was sixteen and they are getting paid for it!

    Good look to all of them and the other parents out there, looking forward to the passing in parade in October.
  15. Hello Southdevon.... My son is also in Waterloo platoon, section 4. What section is your son in? They did look great on sunday, didnt they. I think the majors talk on encouraging them to keep going when they have those off days. I know they will have them. I spoke to my son yesterday & he said they had been to see the dentist. My son has a big phobia of seeing the dentist, so I think he done well bless. He said they get their combats on saturday, which I think he is looking forward to. It sounds like he has made lots of friends already as when we speak, he always has other lads shouting hello to me down his phone lol! He said that he had no plans to come out of the army & is having a great time. Although the calls are short & his little sister is crying all the time as she misses him, I think it has been the best choice ever. He has wanted to do this since he was 5yrs old, so he has finally got there. :D Has anyone had any more phonecalls with any info to share? I just love being able to chat with other parents. It really is nice. :)
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