Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by YANTOFULPELT, Sep 10, 2005.

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  1. Why only 2kgs to Op Telic and Herrick?????

    Yet 11kg to a ship and 30kg to any other BFPO?????
  2. It's all to do with available transport types.

    Places such as Iraq don't have regular shipping routes and overland transport to enable large packages, such as those sent to BFPO addresses in Germany or NI, to be transported.

    The reliance on air freight means that there has to be a limit on what can be sent in this case 2kg. There is also a limit on unusually shaped packages. There is a concession (notwithstanding the withdrawl of the free packets to Iraq) that only charges the equivelant of the UK Inland First Clase Rate up to 2kg.

    If you sent a package of 11kg that would mean that 5 others would have their own packets knocked off for the next flight.

    Hope this helps
  3. Here's a thought - why not lay on an extra aircraft or two ? Run the service for the convenience of the poor sods sweating their cobs off in the sandpit while dodging IEDs rather than for the convenience of the MoD ? Of course I'd never get a job as a civil servant with that attitude would I ...
  4. I forget how many hundreds of thousands of pounds it costs to run the OWP but the fact is if you pay for extra aircraft (and it would be more than one or two) then something else gives - money is a limited resource, you don't have to like it but it is a fact that we have to work around in all walks of life and at home as well. It's not just a question of money - RAF aircraft are a finite resource as are civ aircraft that are willing to fly into dangerous theatres. Life in the military is all about compromises - nothing is ever 100% right but I think, in the case of the OWP, that the chain of command has got it about right and I know that both the MOD and PJHQ are continually looking at ways of delivering a more efficient service (again within the constraints of money available).

    The 2kg limit strikes me as being a reasonable compromise - I don't think I have ever had the need to receive anything heavier on operations (even when ordering books from Amazon). To get up to 11kg he must be ordering a Kareoke machine.
  5. The RAF cannot carry more than 2kgs at a time onto the aircraft, might break a finger nail or sprain their wrist if heavier :lol:
  6. I thought comments like this were supposed to be reserved for the NAAFI forum. The original question was answered by MODBloke and in a supplementary laid out the planning constraints. We might not like the answer but at least someone who seems to understand the system has taken the time to give a fairly concise reply.

    Depends what we want really. I think the ARRSE that is a useful source of information for those who have questions, an area for reasoned debate and a source of fun, rumour and abuse in the appropriate forum. If we start to cross fertilise we'll only put off those who might otherwise have had useful information to impart
  7. So, why aren't the Falklands restricted????? Not many flights there, but Iraq now has daily freighters and troopers????? Ships get 11kgs not many flights to them daily????
  8. Because there aren't many people in the Falklands/on a ship and they are all in one place. They also use less equipment than Iraq.

    Common Sense? :roll:
  9. I have to say that it is very rare for anyone onboard ships to get parcels weighing 11kg and you have to remember that sometimes when ships are at sea, there is no opportunity for the ships helo to fly into the nearest airfield and pick up whatever mail is to be had or do a transfer by seaboat.

    I remember before when my ship spent a month at sea (xmas day at sea-you can't beat it-seriously, apart from missing family, its actually brilliant!) and when we did get mail, there was something like well over 100 mailbags for a ships complement of a type 23 frigate which has around 180 people onboard. Now, all that mail had to be flown out-multiply that by all the units (land/sea/crabs) east of the Suez Canal and you've got to realise that that is an awful lot of mail. Do you honestly think everyone would get their mail if we all started getting 11kg parcels?

    Personally, I think that it is wrong that people should have to pay to send parcels to Telic addresses but hey, maybe thats just me. They should have kept going what they did for Xmas 2003 and allow free parcels all the time.
  10. Ouuuuu bitch
  11. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Ahem......check that statement with either 17 Port & Maritime Regt RLC or Stevedore Services of America , the US company which was running Umm Qasr after the Army handed it over.

    I don't know what DTMA have told you Modfeller but I know for a fact that there WAS a weekly car ferry to Iraq from Dubai which restarted in June 2003- .....have they subsequently suspended the service ?

    Put a call through to Shaibah.....

    Le Chevre
  12. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Seconded.....PTP is a pretty vigilant netcop...we don't need anymore
  13. [
    Seconded.....PTP is a pretty vigilant netcop...we don't need anymore[/quote]

    Obviously not vigilent enough on this occasion.