My daughter, she's five so no sleazy responses please, wants to send a squaddie a parcel.

We've no family in the forces but I'd like to encourage her. It'll be good for her to think about others, particularly when there's lads & lasses born less than 15 years before her getting hurt. And it might ease my guilt about being what my wife calls a "Cold War STAB come Walt"

I've got a reasonable idea from my own experiences of exercises of what to put in it but what I don't know is do we need to address it to a particular person or unit? I was a Royal Anglian so it maybe good to send something to one of their lads if they are back out there even?

Any suggestions please? Thank you
Thank you for you help. I think we'll go with that - I can see a coordinator at a couple of the places I visit while working.

This was on Midlands Today last night by conincidence

A couple of ex Ruperts and their wives by the look of it, based in Worcester. Quite pricey and less personal for her but I suppose there's overheads......
I think its great that your daughter wants to do that and you support her. If you want to go direct to Bn, I am a viking and if you PM me I will give you the name an address of a Pl at the outstations - so it gets to the boys that need the morale boost.
Hi There, My names Jason West, one of the founders of MailCall. I was a Signaller, my wife was a Lance Corporal and the other two were Corporals. We set this up as I was trying to find a company at xmas 2008 as i wanted to send my brother (R.sigs aswell) a present. I couldn't find exactly what I wanted so we set up We have a database of serving forces who have registered with us, When someone gifts a box one is chosen from the list (you can stipulate Army, Navy, Airforce) and the box is despatched with the donors message. Any feedback we get from the recipient is send back to the donor though we dont give out names or addresses.

We work out of an old Sgts Mess in Honeybourne, Worcs. We have a contract with BFPO and our packages are despatched twice weekly to RAF Northolt.

Hope this Helps.


Jason West (ex-Tom)

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