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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Napoleon_Bunnyparte, Aug 20, 2009.

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  1. Morning all

    I apologise if this is wrong forum or has been covered before but I wondered if I could get some info of a kind soul mooching around these pages this morning.

    I'm Ex-3RRF and a couple of nights ago whilst watching the telly with Mrs Napoleon about the chaps bravely doing their thing oversees (sorry can't remember the actual program off the top of my head but I think they were the Welsh Tankies). We watched them talking about parcels from home and they showed off their boxes of clack.
    Mrs Napoleon said she would love to send a box of goodies from us to the chaps in 2RRF and as I was in 8 platoon C Company in 3 RRF would it be possible to send it to (as I left in 1991 I can't imagine anyone I know would be around who I would know) "no name" 2 section, 8 Platoon, C Company 2RRF in Afghanistan? Is this possible and how do I do it.
    Much appreciate any answers on this.
  2. Really appreciate your time on this.

    I know in the WW1 and 2 those at home knitted socks (can't so won't happen) and sent out boxes to the trenches. I don't care how much it costs as the joy at the other end and relief of boredom and something to come back to your basher after ass gripping danger may help no matter how small :D
  3. I too have made a note to send some stuff over. Some lads I was talking to said they get bored stupid reading the same old comics and watching the same po....., errr ad.... errrr anatomical films over and over and over again.

    So, I have a shelf full of books that are just collecting dust so I am going to whazz those over with some tooth rotting sweeties tucked in. I must check but I was informed that a package of up to 2Kg goes free of charge.

    The local ex squaddies all chipped in last year and bought about an MFO box full of gizzits and sweeties for one of the padre's to take over and distribute. I remember back to how welcome anonymous letters and xmas cards were to some of the guys in NI so I know they are well received.

  4. I can't find the relevant thread, but I do recall something about BFPO asking people to stop sending parcels to unnamed troops. To get round this it might be an idea to contact the Welfare personnel on rear party and try to get a "Contact" in theatre you can address parcels to.

  5. Think this is the way to go on this.
    I have sent a tentative email to the 2RRF welfare officer with a request for help.
    I'll post a result (either way) and see what results I get.
    Big thank you for all the replys and advice.
  6. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    Good man Napoleon! Keep us posted. The Co-op here in Horsell have a bin where you can put stuff in like toothpaste, mags etc. Remember NO AEROSOLS or sweeties that will melt.
  7. I sent a goody box to the Welsh guards a few weeks ago. Obtained a contact via the website - sent an e mail and was given the RQMS details. As stated 2Kg or under goes free.

    Curry sauce mixes and things like chocolate options etc seem to be popular. Anything positive about the war and news articles from the area the unit is from etc is a good idea
  8. Never ceases to amaze me how low people will sink.
  9. My mum god bless her knitted me and my mates some socks, would not have been too bad, but they were bright red and size 14... one size fits all :)
  10. I'm ex-2RRF: and I have the answer to your question - LOOK HERE

    and HERE
  11. All the info you need is Here
  12. I am sure 1WG will have appreciated your parcel and thoughts - thanks :D
  13. Make sure that your local Post Office isn't commanded by a Muslim with an agenda; by way of the Telegraph I arrived at a video made by the BNP of someone's mother who tried to send a parcel to her son in Afghanistan but has found that parts of Wales are more sympathetic to the enemy than to the Army. Interesting, even if the source of the story is the BNP.

    If true, I would have thought that there is a law about this sort of thing which would put the Post Office franchisee's head on a spike.