Parcels to "a British Soldier" - Not accepted by Royalmail

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by snozzer, Dec 6, 2007.

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  1. Just took a load of parcels to the local PO and they wont accept them because they are not to a named individual. They actually phoned the HQ and I spoke to them and quote "the MOD has a warehouse full of them and dnot know what to do with them" the pratt then told me I had to either pay for them or send them to a named individual. Now I have 50 odd parcels (the whole street has donated) and need some way to get them there.

    The 2 address I was using was

    A British Soldier
    c/o Capt S Beattie MBE SO3 J I
    HQ Task Force Helmand
    Lashkar Gar
    BFPO 715

    A British Soldier
    c/o J I Branch
    HQ MND (SE)
    Op Telic
    BFPO 641

    Anyone any ideas as last posting day is tomorrow
  2. Send them to Tidworth - it's even worse than Basrah.
  3. Send them all to Pte Tommy Atkins, or perhaps the QM of a unit that you know is out here.
  4. " I have total respect and sympathy for the British soldier.....".

    A Labour politician.
  5. Send them to Officer Commanding

    And put a little note inside asking the unit to distribute it
  6. Should be able to give them to the nearest unit to you who should be able to get them out there.

    Whereabouts in the country are you Snozzer?
  7. Hello snozzer,

    there was a soldier asking for parcels in our local paper recently,if I sent you the name,maybe you could send it to him?
    I will see if I can find it.

  8. Can I suggest you use MoD website to find which units are deployed on your preferred Op, then use the same site or Google to find contact details for Regtl Sec. or some other contact such as Welfare Officer. They should be able to assist in some way. Note however that you probably wont get individuals names (for obvious Persec reasons) failing that do as my wife has just done now that I am back from Telic and contact 'Support our Soldiers'. Your donators may not always get a thank you letter but they will have the satisfaction of knowing that their donation has not been lost at Mill Hill.
  9. Wont work, it must be a named individual, even the
    "A British Soldier
    c/o Capt S Beattie MBE SO3 J I" is not good enough for the royalmail :x
  10. A named individual???

    Fcuk me - just write 'Pte T Atkins'.

    Unless you think all Post Office employees will have read any Kipling?
  11. and once upon a time sending parcels or letters to unnamed service personnel courtesy of BFPO3000(I think that was the BFPO number) was all the rage.
  12. Failing that, get in touch with RHQ Coldstream Guards. The 1st Battalion is deployed as we speak and I'm sure something can be sorted out to get parcels to the lads.
  13. Nice idea, but an unnamed parcel could be from anyone at all, and could also contain anything at all.

    Just imagine opening a letter bomb in Afghanistan....