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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by sidrct, Feb 5, 2008.

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  1. Hi I am a prison officer at HMP Edinburgh in Scotland and I am setting up a local appeal to supply food parcels to the 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland when they deploy to Helmand Afghanistan at the end of the month. I will also be sending parcels to any families with a soldier at a freepost address who contact us through our website. I am working with the Army on this so no OPSEC problems

    If anyone in Scotland would like to help PM me here or use the e-mail address on our website parcels4troops @

  2. Hi I'm getting lots of you good folk reading my posting if you would like to donate to parcels4troops there is now a paypal link on the contact us page on the website.
    If you can help us please do, I guarantee every penny donated will be used to send goodie parcels to the lads and lassies in theatre.
    support our troops at
  3. "I am working with the Army on this so no OPSEC problems"

    Yeah but we dont know this, the website is a bit vague as no more information on who you are !! (so we could be funding your own pocket or paying money to terrorist factions)

    I'd get in touch with a MOD off this site if you want to give a bit more assurance of who you are, or even a contact number of the army welfare officer it may help get people, who like myself, really look at PERSEC.

  4. Fair point Desk top I could be anyone, however I do say who I am> I will ask battalion I am working with can I put there e-mail on our website. However if I am not who I say I am why put where I work, any one can contact me at Edinburgh Prison or contact Families/Welfare Officer at 2nd Battalion Royal Regiment of Scotland RHF who will vouch for our scheme. This Stickie/Thread has been put on ARRSE with MOD Pangur Pan knowledge and approval and I don't think he would have done that if he had any doubts about me or if he thought I was lining my own pocket or supporting (I can't believe I am even answering this) terrorists.
    If I get support for this venture great if I fail I will spend the £900 pounds I have already collected and disappear. I have now sent 80 parcels, so 80 soldiers in theatre know that I am genuine and they have my support my plan is to send more.
    I will support soldiers in my local area, contact me with a soldiers name or even a unit I will send parcels to them if you cannot give me soldiers name I will send it to the RSM.
    I have send over 200 parcels since I started this scheme 4years ago how many have you sent Desktop Commando
    Alasdair Sutherland (my name)
  5. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    There are a number of schemes similar to this mainly run by people local to a Regiment who are serving out there.
    The vast majority of people on this site are not Scottish (for the record I am a Jock) & so when they give to something like this it will be either to their local Regiment or a National appeal.
    Just because people, on this site, are not flooding to your particular appeal does not mean they are not doing something in their own particular way.
  6. Thanks baldy. Yes thats true we are the only people supporting our local regiment. If I can raise the profile of the parcel scheme and get others to contribute then that would be a success. I am afraid we have been around the local area looking for support but so far have had little response but we will keep at it.
    There is a national website at maybe when my local battalion returns I will just join that.
  7. oldbaldy

    oldbaldy LE Moderator Good Egg (charities)
    1. Battlefield Tours

    I would say then, keep plugging away locally & anything you pick up from a site like this or is a bonus.

    Good luck
  8. Thanks for your support baldy I will keep trying
    DesktopCommando check your pm's m8
  9. hi i live in ramsgate kent , we the few have been sending the lads and lasses parcels for the past year, i myself started sending them to a friends daughter, it gone from a few to a cottage industry, from the 2nd yorks to the uk log battalion and anyone who replies to a letter , ive had donations from the brittish legion in ramsgate, dover ferries ,w ilkinsons , and jo public, the responce is amazing . just goese to show you how proud people of this great nation are of our lads and lasses. i myself come from an army back ground , my dad was a l/cpl in the duke of wellingtons.
  10. Well done Granyang we to are getting support and our appeal is growing. We have raised £3000 so far and sent 244 parcels since xmas.
  11. re the website support our soldiers, i am one of the scottish area co ordinators (falkirk/central belt), can i be of any help?
  12. i would apritiate i f you could pass my email on to any one who would like a parcel . weve got 300 waitn to go , al i need is op adress and name , we send them to any male or female in any regiment .

    thanx granyang
  13. Hi I'm not sure if we need any help at present Phoenix, we need help fund raising for box contents and general publicity for our cause.
  14. Hi Granyang I cannot give you names and e-mails sorry to say. One of the battalions we are supporting is 5 Scots (Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders) stationed at Canterbury which is near you. If you contact battalion families officer I am sure he would arrange collection of your great collection of boxes and send them onto the lads and lassies.
    @ Parcels4troops
  15. Parcels4troops is slowly growing as people hear about our work please log into our website and see what we are doing.
    Our webite is at
    If you can help or want to donate all the info on contacting us is on the website