Parcels For Troops


Ok so at work and gettign slightly bored waiting for my start date and thinking of putting together a couple of parcels for troops over in Afghan. Was looking at donating to SOS or Afghan Heroes but thought of doing it myself as would be something for me to do. Anyone know how i could go about doing this, is there somewhere i can send them to be sent to troops in FOB's?

Also sorry if this is in the wrong forum, wasent sure where to post it.


Dunservin said:
Remember that a soldier (or sailor or airman) is not just for Christmas. I have always found Support our Soldiers the best organisation in the past and they are bound to have an area coordinator near you.
Thanks for that, i wasent really doing it for Xmas, was just doing it to show support. Found a co-ordinator a few miles from me will get a email over to see what to do, thanks.

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