Parcels for troops this xmas

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Gust.Avrakotos, Oct 7, 2008.

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  1. I know there is already a thread on this subject, but this thread is for another reason.

    As I am sure you know it appears that this xmas the MOD has banned gifts being sent unless there is a name on the parcel (so no "To a British soldier" boxes).

    The reason I have started this thread is I had planned a whip round at work (some people have already donated) and was going to be putting together some basic gift packages and party boxes to send to the boys and girls in sandy places.

    Given the fact I can no longer just send these generically, I was wondering if you bright sparks can think of any way to still get things sent.

    Would it be advisable to contact the battalions that will be out there somehow and see if there is anyone I can name on the parcels? I was thinking of mainly including fun party stuff and games so sending them along to a battalion as a whole would be grand,

    Basically any post or PM's with ideas on how I can still get some xmas stuff out to the lads and lasses would be appreciated.

    (MODS: If you feel this does indeed belong in the other thread please feel free to move it, or do as you please.)
  2. I'd suggest sending them to the Padre for redistribution.
  3. That's a good idea, but how do I get hold of who will be out there and who their padre is?
  4. Last time I sent them to the SSM of a unit in theatre.