Parcels for the Troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by RAF_Liney, Nov 6, 2007.

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  1. I want to send a parcel out to Iraq and Afghanistan, one for a male and one to a female.
    Can someone supply me with the BFPO address for both areas (parcels will be addressed as A Male Soldier and A Female Soldier as they will have different items in them) and what goes down well with the lads and lasses out there.
    Just want to say you're not forgotten.
  2. Send them to the HQ of Mil Postal Services in London. The address is:

    D Def PCS
    BFPO 777

    Ensure you clearly explain your wishes and include contact details.

    Good luck.
  3. You can also do it through these people:

    Support Our Soldiers

    If not, the page linked above does have a useful list of items you could put in your parcel.

    In fact, thanks for reminding me to get my arrse in gear and make a donation.
  4. Good effort - I hope you suceed and others read and follow up your generosity.

    Be aware taht many of our "Lads Mags"could be considered "obscene" by the host nations. Enclose a few items from joke shops - false beards are highly desired in Afghanistan I believe.

  5. I hope that's to take the p1ss out of Sadam and his cronies and NOT for the women :roll:
  6. Such as . . .

  7. Last year I got people in the village to send parcels out to the troops direct to a given name at the BFPO number. They like to do it that way its more personal and a number got back letters of appreciation. Can they send them free this year and can anyone help with a name in both war zones who they can send them to for redistribution?
  8. is it worthwhile getting some chemlights of ebay, i seem to remember they were deemed as dangerous air cargo in my day?

  9. Saddam? Afgan? Is your dad daft too?