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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by PFS2013, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Great, just what we need. Another company sending boxes full off 10p noodles, pasta packets and drawings from kids (and the occasional mongaloid pensioner) that will no doubt clog up the already overstretched (insert lazy or inept) posties who have trouble getting the mail we actually wanted to us.
  2. Looks like a commercial company where you can buy a box of prepacked stuff to send out, doesnt look like a charity and looking at the contents and the prices of the boxes Im not entirely sure you'd be getting a very good deal.

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  3. I resent that remark. We're lazy AND inept, thank you very much.
  4. Lots of people try to do this but are discouraged by the MOD, since unless you have a designated Soldier/Sailor/Airwoman by name/number they wont accept it into the already stretched mail service
  5. Families and friends ALREADY send parcels, and will continue to do so whether your tinpot facility exists or not. By clogging up the system with even more parcels, you're actually delaying their mail. However, I'm sure you're going to go ahead and do it anyway, seeing as there's a buck or two to be made.

    Edited to add; your parcels are exactly as pointless as I thought they'd be. Thankfully at £20 a pop the mail won't actually be clogged up any more than it is, as no one in their right minds will buy one.
  6. Mail and parcels - British Army Website

    Unsolicited mail

    Can welfare parcels (unsolicited mail) be sent to frontline troops?
    No. An item of mail up to the maximum weight of 2kgs can be sent to NAMED personnel only. By accepting mail to unnamed personnel, delays to named personal mail will occur.

    Why is mail restricted to named individuals?
    While Royal Mail and BFPO recognises the desire of individuals to support troops in Afghanistan, the freepost scheme is specifically intended to support the families and friends of servicemen and women serving on entitled operations only.
    Well-wishers remain able to send goodwill messages to theatre via other BFPO services including the use of Electronic Bluey and the Bulletin Board.
    Welfare parcels can be sent to charities such as UK4U Thanks! - follow the link in the right-hand panel.

    Is the enduring freepost service for items under 2 kgs available when sending from a BFPO address to the UK?
    No. The freepost service is available for family and friends sending mail to HM Forces personnel at qualifying BFPO locations only.
  7. It gets better......

    Terms and conditions from tat for hereos website.....

    Unfortunately we do not offer a refund service for purchased parcels. This is because once they have been posted we can not retrieve them. Please do not take offence to this if challenged by our staff. We are a highly motivated, well experienced company with vast knowledge of what items are available out in theatre. We will try and get a response from the troops for your personal messages but due to unpredictable circumstances, replys aren't always possible. Again please do no take offence to this. We will work as hard as we can to you a reply as soon as possible. A 10% fee will be taken from every package to pay for advertising and labour costs

    Items purchased from our online store are not kept in stock by ourselves but from a 3rd party distributor ready to ship the very same day. Parcels For Soldiers does not offer a returns policy for fragile items purchased in our store as proof can not be produced to show the item was damaged in transit.

    All sponsor ship money received by Parcels For Soldiers will be redirected back in to the parcel fund and equally distributed between parcels. We collect money from street vendors, private events, social meetings, pubs, restaurants, high street shops, and charity events. If you wish to raise money for Parcels For Soldiers, please deposit money via our PayPal link on the Sponsors page. We do not accept large cash donations. For ease of transaction, please deposit the money into your personal account and transfer via the website.

    Thank you for continued support.

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  8. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    What proportion of deployed servicemen snd women don't get parcels from home on a regular basis?

    I ask as I've sent parcels snd letters on a weekly basis to friends / bil who have been deployed - as it's free post it costs you nothing really, apart from your time.

    However - I guess there are a higher proportion who don't receive parcels or companies like this wouldn't exists?

    Anyone with experience to advise does this need exist enough to need another company to offer this service?
  9. So SOS do not understand what the 'guys and girls want' ? tad odd as they have been established since 2003 !
  10. Been asked by OP to delete post, in fairness if he hasnt released how easy it is to find peeps on the interweb, no probs
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  11. Nah, see, all these sites are missing the point.

    The PX will fulfil most of what you fancy, at even cheaper prices than in the UK. And, it's better quality.

    My missus used to send me 5 X 25 cl fruit shoot bottles which weigh just under the 2kg limit. Of course, she wasn't sending me blackcurrant and apple but the bottles did the biz.

    The only other thing necessary is Porn.