Parcels for Afghanistan

Wondering if there's anything to this report that parcels of books and goodies for troops in Afghanistan (that can be sent free, under 2kg, to a veterans' organisation) aren't getting to the front line? Can't find the BBC report that says only 40 or so parcels have gotten through, but the link I did find says the MOD tried to 'ban' parcels last year because of the added risk of shipping them out, while the local paper reports thanks from the troops for thousands of boxes received.

Parcels For Afghanistan (Gloucestershire Boards)

Ban on parcels for troops
All members of our REME Association branch sent parcels out last year then got a letter back from an Officer in Germany thanking us for our contribution. Whilst I appreciate that the troops in BAOR might like some free rations, they are hardly in the parlous state of the lads in the sandy places that the parcels were intended for.

As usual, the excuse is 'we don't have enought room on the transport flights' - well in that case either put more transport flights on or don't encourage the great british public to send stuff by making out that the packages are going to the lads on the front line, when they aren't.
I have received a couple of these! Great morale when your toothbrush has less bristles than a pornstars under crackers! They do get trough but the priority goes to mail that is actually addressed to someone as opposed to a "Deserving Soldier" fair answer from the posties if you ask me! Please do keep sending them though!

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