Parcelforce Reliability to BFPO?

Last December I ordered a small desk lamp from a UK supplier which was posted using Parcelforce to BFPO address in BFG. After 5 weeks it had not arrived and Parcelforce were unable to track it. The company agreed to send a replacement 12 days ago and guess hasn't arrived!

Is Parcelfarce a crock of crap? Is it just the Mill Hill thieving, sorry, sorting office that is the problem, or the BFPO bit?

Anyone else had similar problems?

Is it worth getting the BFPO chappies to investigate?
My money would be on ParcelForce being at fault.

Whilst on Op Telic I ordered a laptop from Amazon, who use ParcelForce. Waited.. and waited... then contacted Amazon, who gave me ParcelForce's tracking number. First they said it had been delivered, and they had a signature for it, but then it reappeared at Amazon, marked as 'undeliverable'. The same thing happened to others who'd ordered from Amazon. ParcelForce finally admitted that it had never left them - the signature belonged to one of their staff.


I would honestly put this down to bad luck and not a permanent problem.
I have had goods delivered from Amazon & ParcelForce to Germany over the last 11 years with very few problems at all. On the rare occasion I did have a problem they re-sent the parcel (8 DvD's & a few Music CD's) along with a voucher for £20 off my next purchase.
I now order hoping they will be late/lost so I can get more "free money".
I know there have been problems in the past with Mill Hill, but I thought they had pretty much stamped it all out?
I'm wondering if the size of the lamp maybe the issue as I think they used to have a restriction on certain parcel sizes. Maybe it's being returned?
I'd give BFPO a ring and see what they can do.

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