parcel to afghan (ideas)

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by enigmatic, Apr 3, 2009.

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  1. anyone thats been have any ideas what wee luxuries i could add into parcels to send to the other half?
  2. thanks for that
  3. Pictures of yourself like that


    Will always be appreciated too!
  4. lol he has loads of pics of me and new ones to be taken to be sent
  5. I have a couple of friends out in Afghanistan who I will be sending parcels to. Could someone possibly PM me with details of what facilities, etc are available at the FOB's so that parcels are sent with stuff that is useful, wanted and not reaily available. Ta muchly :)
  6. I would like a parcel from you too please, Especially orderded with those pics..

    PM Me..

  7. I have been sending to my son ....

    Haribo sweets
    Savoury Rice
    Choc chip cookies
    Welsh Cakes
    Wet Wipes
    Mini Eggs (the shell stops the chocolate from going mushy)
    Chewing gum
    Tic tacs
    Millions sweets
    Popping Candy
    Lip Balm
    Shower Gel
    Mini Chedders
    and all kinds of different sweets.

    hope this helps.

  8. ...And he would now like a set of dentures...
  9. Hopefully he is on our side :D

    If not, may I suggest

    Burqa babes May 2009 Edition (Fatima from Birmingham is in again)
    Miss Cylon
    Pictures of Guiness bottles
    Around the world in 80 mosques... :twisted:

    It has been really slow here today...........................................
  10. LOL

    I told him to clean his teeth and use the mouthwash inbetween sweets :D

    Even with all that crap that I am others are sendning him he has still lost 2 1/2 stone...
  11. Talc is always a good option, along with hand cream
  12. Don't wast your money.

    Those items can be easily obtained through the stores system, just like those naked photographs of your sister.
  13. samm1551

    samm1551 Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Really, I thought it was really abrasive.