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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by the_lazy_H, Sep 15, 2007.

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  1. i have currently found the tv of my dreams on amazon.... had to get a 32 instead of the 40 because of bfpo weight bother!

    sent it to my bfpo germany address, denied! been told it has been refused.

    bearing in mind if it had sent then id have got it tax free. im pretty wounded!

    how can i send it to germany get it tax free and not have to pay the courier all my wages for the priveledge.
  2. Put it in a wooden MFO box, but pacxk it out properly!!
  3. Come on fella, spread your wings a bit - you can get any model you like tax free just by going down town. Am I correct in assuming language is the barrier here? Or have you found an offer that is truly out of this world in UK that no-one else knows about? (If so, tell us about it). Where in Germany are you?
  4. Probably gets all his shopping in NAAFI as well....
  5. eine grossen fehrnsehen fur kleine gelt ohne merwertstuer bitte amigo
    or: ein großes Farbfernsehen, das sehr billig und bitte Herr-Fernsehverkäufer steuerfrei ist
    either works...probably.
  6. Language shouldn't be a problem.

    Enter German TV shop (the one with the TVs in the window).

    Select TV. Put finger on it. Say "In Wagen. Schnell!"

    The advanced TV buyer could also add, "MwSt (pronounced 'ehm vay es tay') frei, bitte. Sonderangebot fuer armliche Britsche Soldat?"

    Or, better still, "Dieses Fernseher ist gewesen requirierte zu verhindern es fallend hinein die Hände des vorrückend Sowjet Truppen." That way, it's free.
  7. My grasp of the German lanuage is crap, but l bet if he walks into a tv shop in Germany and says that hes either going to get raped,arrested or have the shit kicked out of him!
  8. Probably not raped.... but I suspect it depends on how good looking he is.
  9. oy! language isnt the barrier here. i just want a brit tele, brit spec with a brit plug... best place to get that is online. with amazon its tax free plus cheaper than most places too!

    but i forgot mill hill has a bag on about size.
    also the tele market is more competitive in uk... thus lower price apparantly. just what i have heard.

  10. Ha ha, "This television was requisitioned to prevent it falling in the hands the advancing Soviet troops"
    I'm sure the reply would be priceless! That probably is a phrase to try out one day. :D
  11. You do realise that brit telly and brit spec are in fact known as european spec (PAL), funny old thing its the same spec on German TVs, as for the plug, I cant believe you cant change a plug from two pin to three pin or manage to at least buy a travel adapter which is what most of my appliances are currently plugged into.

    Go to REAL or Media Markt and you'd be amazed at the prices (especially if you hit on a special offer).

    A colleague of mine got a 40" LCD Samsung TV from REAL, tax free for €370. Leave the block, there is a whole world out there.