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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by man_in_slippers, Mar 16, 2010.

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  1. Sorry if this thread has been done before.. and sorry if I have managed to put the thread in the wrong forum! :oops:

    My brother is now in Afghan, doing his first tour. Currently at Bastion but due to be moving out to a FOB soon and I am planning on sending him some bits and pieces to make things a bit easier.

    I was thinking..

    . magazines/local newspapers/books
    . food suppliments - tabsco sauce, noodles, biccys
    . a spare t shirt/socks

    Any other ideas gents? :D

    Apologies for my lack of imagination :(
  2. No nudity mags
    NO CHOCOLATE!!! But plenty of:

    Paperback books, yes war stories are fine!
    Tabasco sauce or any kind of flavour enhancing sauce
    Curry powders and the like,
    Boiled sweets,
    Puzzle books
    jokes (puzzles etc)
    wouldn't bother with clothes items unless he has expressly asked for them.
    Piccies of family,
    If he has DVD player do a dvd of the family wishing him well or even a dvd weekly diary, or of family events.

    There's a starter for 10!!

    And tell him safe journey home

  3. MIS,

    Why not ask your brother what he needs?
  4. Smoke sausages always go down a treat, as well as bacon grill, spam, noodles (try snack shots), long life bread, tinned food and the likes.

    Anything you see when you are out and about that's small, light and cheap but makes you or will make him laugh, or take photos of stupid/funny things you see when out and about and stick it in an ebluey.
  5. msr

    msr LE

    My guys asked for 2 things: porn and more porn.

  6. A shoe box is the ideal parcel size too, and its got to be under 2kg; the Post Office enforce this quite rigorously.
  7. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Foot powder was what my BIL always asked for when he was out their last year, Oh and beef jerky too.

  8. On Telic, things like wet wipes in the small packets, decent boiled sweets & other small items were most appreciated by me. Some bits & pieces of family were good as well. Bit difficult to keep up with things using blueys in those times, got a lot better once the paradigm services came in & we got internet access
  9. pot noodles
    super noodles
    long life milk
    nuts/zoo/fhm etc
    bbq/tomato/brown sauce etc
    fray bentos pies (can be cooked easy enough, usin an 81mm tin as a makeshift oven!!)
    naan breads
    dollars (can buy stuff from the local shopkeepers)
    orange/blackcurrant squash (cordial)
    shower gel/toothpaste etc

    just a selection of some of the stuff i asked for out in herrick , in the fobs
  10. if your in germany you can send up2 20kgs through Deutshe post
  11. Make sure you write "FELDPOST" on there. Helps with the BFPO number otherwise they get confused.
  12. I heard that a box of Sand goes a long way to cheering the lads up.
  13. Mrs BR sent a couple of parcels last year through Support Our Soldiers ... used link below as a guide for contents , weight , dimensions etc which I am sure could be easily personalised to fit your specific needs .

    edited ... minor mod
  14. Cous cous with dried chilli and herbs and chicken stock cubes. Pepperami, saucisson sec, salami, little packs of olives, cashew nuts, salted crackers, baklava, long life roti/pitta/chappati and squeezy honey. Anything that can give a little luxury or pleasure really. The poster above is right about fruit cordials. There is plenty of water but it gets so hot that lime juice cordial or any good quality cordial helps alleviate the boredom of drinking enough.
    I hope he has a good tour and a safe return. God bless.
  15. Eggbanjo jnr is out there atm but with the winter tour it was OK to send choccy now its warming up we don't. Comms have been much better than I expected, skype a couple of times, facebook (both dependant on location and connection) and the occasional phone call. Boxes sent on average once a week, loads of info on the BFPO website.

    Contents tended to be toiletries, sweets, dvd's, cake, dried food, packet soups, odd bit of kit (gloves), memory sticks for PC and photos, books etc. We've asked again and again if its what he wants and he says yes, in truth I think we could wrap up a turd and write our names on it and he'd like it because it was from theres an idea :D