Parcel couriers - the message that we all dread


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Don't. I won't be here. I'll be back at camp, but I'll find the ******.....
Chill, he'll put a nice "We called but there was nobody home" card somewhere near your postcode.


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They're good, you'll not notice when they pitch.

Two days after you've driven 40 miles to fetch it from the depot yourself he'll put another "We called but..." card on your font door seconds after you've shut it behind you.
so two boxes of wine left behind bin with note on mat, not for us but twats round corner who in past could not even say thanks when we took past wrong delivered parcels round,can i legally just drink the stuff ?
They take photo's of where they leave stuff these days, so make sure nobody's CCTV covers it, then enjoy the fruits of your labourneighbour.

PS Boxes & bottles in the local supermarket recycling ASAP.
Not a courier company but Royal Snail
I had something posted to me First Class on 15/02 & it landed yesterday, looking like it had been savaged by a rabid bulldog with an excessive drool problem.
I presume the plastic packaging was to keep the drool from contaminating the postie...
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For once it's a glad tidings dit. I ordered a printer from Currys PC World last Saturday on eBay. It arrived Monday at 14.00 exactly when they said it would.
The carrier, DPD, have the best tracking system I've ever seen.
the dozen or so times i lugged stuff down to them they were not even thankful
Then don’t bother “delivering” it to them. Stick it in your garage/under the stairs for a month and, if theybother coming to track it down, insist that they pay £10 p/w storage fees for your inconvenience. If they baulk at this, tell them in no uncertain terms that the fee reflects their lack of gratitude on previous encounters and invite them to seek a refund from the cretins that were supposed to deliver it to them in the first place. If they haven’t collected it in a month, open the boxes and hope that they have more taste than manners.
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