Paratrooper's body found in Mortuary after 10 years

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Hermes_R12, Nov 7, 2011.

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  1. Unbelievable story you couldn't make it up. How can a body be released believed to be your Son from a mortuary and then buried by the family. Ten years later per chance it turns up only because someone decides to remove the body of a person who they believe is in the fridge. From reports it appears that this second person has remained in the fridge for ten years.

    'in a statement issued by the council, it said the body of a man in his late thirties was located in the city mortuary where Ms Kamara's body was supposed to be resting.
    The council said at the moment it "cannot explain this".'

    What a fcuk up of monumental proportion. Bodies are normally booked into the mortuary, the information is recorded in a book and allocated a fridge number. The persons name is recorded on the door and a wristband with name and dob is affixed to the wrist. (labels tied to the toe is TV stuff in the UK anyway)

    It is very hard to see how this has happened and I feel very sad for the families. If this was my Son I would be devastated.

    Full story here:-

    'Buried Man' Found In Morgue Mix-Up: Christopher Alder In Hull City Council Mix-Up With Grace Kamara | UK News | Sky News
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    the other threads are probably buried at the back of the fridge.
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    Underneath the pork pies and mouldy cheese.
  5. absolutely disgusting! im beyond shocked and dismayed.