Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by ikontempt, May 18, 2010.

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  1. If i left the army after training as a paratrooper, what sort of jobs would i be able to get?
    i'm not sure if i want to go into the infantry if i can't get a job when i leave.
  2. Kill yourself, it'll save everyones time.
  3. thanks for your supporting reply down syndrome.
  4. Many Paras go on to develop a successful career as clock pendulum weights.
  5. You're not too bright are you?
  6. It had to happen, it was inevitable, its not big, its not clever.

    When I joined I thought I was doing a service to the country (whilst learning something sensible).

    All joiners now are listening to WII FM (I can't actually believe that I typed that knowing how fukcing cringeworthy it is))

    Whats In It For Me

    If you want a trade on leaving the army, become a tradesman, if you want to join the infantry do it, enjoy your time and do something that will allow you to earn money on leaving.

    If you want to join up become a para and leave as a vet in 8 months, well errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr dream on.
  7. Deleted - e - f#cking-ventually
  8. I have many friends who were Paras/Marines in the 80S.

    They make big bucks in the security industry in the middle east/niger delta, where one was recently held hostage for several weeks.

    One of them is rumoured to be working in tarmac resurfacing in Florida.

    Another (a Mne) is earning more than me (once a Maj), as a Financial Advisor.

    It is up to you.
  9. Join up and do something you consider to be fun, whether that be infanteering, fixing vehicles or being in a technical role. Chances are you will do something completely different when you leave, mainly from becoming bored of your origional choice.
  10. With the amount of courses available to you through the education centres, you can pretty much do anything when you get out
  11. What do you mean i'm not too bright ? i asked a question and some people actually bothered to give me some sensible answers you just posted " LOL WUT"
  12. Take your face for a sh1te. You are in control of your own future. Do what you want to do. If you're bright, you'll do well, para or not. I now earn a good wage doing something that has nothing to do with what I did whilst serving.

    Adjust your attitude before you sign up
  13. Yes but selling your arse for beer tokens is hardly a proper job.
  14. why not?!?! :x