Paratrooper to be hopefully, need advice please!

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by westwood 4, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. thanks for info guys
  2. The para basic im told has more PT.

    But as they all say before you go to basic, they are not going to send you home becuase of the amount of pressups you can do.. My advice would be to stop worrying and as long as you keep up the fitness you had at selection, you can't go wrong.
    Think about it, basic training is there to get you fit (amongst other things). Honestly, stay on your runs and take it easy and dont injure your self.

    Dont bother doing anything with weight on your back its pointless and will possibly end in tears..
  3. As said previously, maintain what fitness you have and don't go overboard. Friend of mine trained so hard before joining the Marines he screwed his legs and couldn't join.
  4. You sound pretty fit most perce would give their left gonad to run a BFT in 8 15...if you over train before you join you will be more liable to get an injury...I suggest you get out on the piss more often.
  5. As someone who has done both TA and Regular basic training for Para Regt, I would endorse the above comments. The training is designed to get you as fit as you need to be to pass P Coy, the rest is up to you. Keep your ears open and mouth shut, never stand out as exceptional or sub standard, work hard and injuries permitting you`ll be fine. Oh, and I hope you have a sense of humour as well, you`re gonna need it.... Good Luck!!!
  6. daywalker

    daywalker LE Reviewer

    To be honest I wouldn't say don't stand out as exceptional, I'd rather see that than see a Joe who is coasting and being the grey man.
  7. All good advice from before but rememeber this, the selection process is to make sure you're at the right level to start basic training. If you don't pass it then obviously you're not ready, but if you have, and you say you have, you are ready to start training. Don't worry about it too much like has been said before you'll start at the basic level and your instructors will get you fit enough to pass and go to a Battalion. Good luck Utrinque Paratus
  8. Fair point mate, although what i meant was, in my experience blokes who started off exceptional were under enormous pressure to maintain it, where as a steady build up was more ideal in a way!!
  9. 8:15 is an excellent running time. But, your pushups/ situps numbers aren't fantastic. You might wont to concentrate on those
  10. Pyramid press ups are 15 press ups. The catch is you do 1, then 2 then 3 etc all the way up to 15 then back down again 15, 14, 13 etc. Start of with a pyramid of 1 to 5 or more if you are comfortable. In between each group of press ups just take a quick break. It is a major pump when weights are not available. Remember its not just for strength but for looking good in T Shirts or in your case T shirt red one for the use of.
  11. Ryan, it's obvious that you can read and write, that precludes you from being a Para.
  12. I have met some bone pongoes in my time but never a bone para.
  13. I'm trying to join the paras next year, haven't went for a run yet but I can do around 60 sit ups and press ups.

    Then again that's after six months of trying.