Paratrooper/Regular/Royal Marine(yes i know before anyone says)

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by BARB0UR, May 3, 2011.

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  1. Thanks to those who helped. :-D
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  3. Three of The Parachute Regiment battalions are part of the Regular Army, the forth is part of the TA.

    However, if by 'regular army' you mean everything other than PARA and are asking whether promotion prospects are better in the Royal Marines, Parachute Regiment or other Army regiments then it is entirely down to how good you are. On the basis that there has never been a Royal Marine 1SL or CDS but there have been PARA CGSs and CDSs, as well as both from other Army Regiments, you have a better chance (or indeed any chance at all) of reaching the very top only by joining the Army (PARA or something else) as opposed to the RM.

    However the chances of you (or any particular individual) being good enough to reach the absolute top are tiny. You should be aware that both RM and PARA are very competitive, in terms of joining as an officer.
  4. Thanks for th reply's, but no i am not aiming to be 3 star general or anything here just wondering about the promotion prospects. It is interesting to hear that you have to apply to join the regular army to get into paras i had heard that you could apply separately? And yes i do know of the competitiveness of places and the whole 99.9% need not apply stuff. Am now more set on joining the paratroopers than the royal marines now especailly sicne i found out that RM do not receive Sandhurst training which i have heard is extremely useful! Thanks for all the replys :)
  5. OK, you clearly don't understand much about the army; not you fault at all, but I suggest that you have a detailed look at the army (and RM) recruiting website before you post too many more ill-informed comments which will get you some snotty comments on here. Specifically note clearly that the Parachute Regiment (for the purposes you are talking about) are part of the regular army, they are not a separate entity.

    To answer your question though, at the junior levels, you promotion prospects will be about the same regardless of what part of the army/RM you join.

    Also RM officers do an equivalent course at Limpstone to the Sandhurst commissioning course and officers of all types need to be able to spell.
  6. I was in a similar situation to you not so long ago. What I was told in terms of promotion was that the RM is far smaller - that means that you're competing for a much smaller number of jobs for each promotion so if you're mediocre you're less likely to be able to just coast through. As for whether you receive Sandhurst training, you don't but the CTCRM runs its own officer training course which is devised around pretty much the same lines. If you were applying for the paras, you would start off as for any other army officer then you would have to apply during Sandhurst for your preferred regiment and may be sent elsewhere if they don't like you. If you want to be a general, don't go for the RM - there's something like three serving generals in the entire corps - but as a junior officer that works the other way around and since it's a smaller outfit you won't be so much one small guy in a very big crowd. The RM also has a slightly different way of looking at things - suggest reading the Commando Ethos - and compared to the paras there's far more emphasis on doing things as a team than being the fastest, biggest and strongest individually (although that's still important). As you can probably tell, I decided to try for the bootnecks, but am still going to apply to the Army if I don't get in (there's the equivalent of 2 AOSBs, the first being almost entirely physical testing and the second the usual Naval Service selection board)
  7. Do you mean the TA Paras in comparison to the Regular Army?

    Or are you implying that the Paras are in some way the Diet version of the Regular Army?
  8. I suppose man for man, we're certainly not as fat as the rest of the army (Gurkha's excluded).
  9. Ha, touche. Spoilsport.
  10. HHH

    HHH LE

    Surely your not saying the Paras are "light weight" :)
  11. I wish I ******* was!
  12. Regardless, you've got about a 50% higher chance of making it into a non-PARA/RM unit as they don't weed you out with the same vigor. If you're a slob with little potential for becoming a bayonet chomping, pusser's chacon/bergen bashing fanatic, forget trying for either.

    And as has been stated elsewhere, the RM have a more limited 'career horizon'. The upside of the bootnecks is that, although they do their fair share of travel, they are pretty well always based in either Arbroath or the south coast, so families are probably more settled in some ways than some army units IMHO.
  13. Although Para Regt will be based in Colchester for the next 50 years or so. SFSG will likely stay close to Hereford as well.
  14. There is a much better promotion chance in the RM, especially to Maj. In fact, all the way to Maj Gen, RM Officers are massively over represented for what is effectively a 4 Bn Regiment.
  15. But the reason behind this is that they recruit some very very good officer (like the Parachute Regiment and others). Given that, due to size and popularity, they are almost certainly more selective than the dark blue RN (with whom senior officers will directly compete), it is not surprising that they are well represented. It does also mean that it is easy to be outshone in such an organisation.