Paratrooper cartoon

I want to get hold of a copy of the classic cartoon comparing a paratrooper with a 'hat'. In one it shows the para in combat order compared to the 'hat' who is in a state. Then it's the opposite way round when they're on a night out. Tried google but no luck.

Anyone know of a link?


Yeah seen that and it's really quite good!
Until of course you actually go to Brecon or Warminster and then finish the course with paras in the bottom third and 'hats' with distinctions!
Had one in the Bar in NI. I think it was donated by the artist, but don't quote me on that.

I always thought it was quite funny, but I tend not to take such banter as seriously as some... besides, the grammar and spelling in some of the comments was fcuking awful.

'Capbadge, normally round like bottle-top' was one comment, and something about 'the Hat's' black eye (in civvies) being given to him by one of the Para's wives (poss even the Artists!!!)

Likewise there was something about the symbol (can't remember if it is blazer badge (the Hat is wearing a blazer on the p1ss for some unknown reason) being 'a dragon or something hard'
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Not seen this one before though, quite funny, esp the toga wearing drinker... brings back memories of a parachuting course in Germany.

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