Paratooper Towed Behind Aircraft at 100mph

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by tomahawk6, Oct 22, 2004.

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  1. Fair play to the chap for keepin' the heid (where can I sign on to have a go? :D :D :D 8O 8O 8O )
  2. I think someone is defying the laws of physics, fat cnut. :)
  3. good job it wasn't a balloon jump , he'd have pulled it back down with him the fat b*stard , i'm quite surprised the plane never stalled !!
  4. I note that Bubba has been issued with Berets, Ridiculous (US Army) - presumably he could have removed it from his pocket, opened it and the enormous surface area would have allowed him to glide safely to the ground.
  5. In I think 1966, a UK civilian was making his first jump, using a static line parachute. He became hung up for some reason. The despatcher (a soldier) slid down the static line, gripped the lad, cut the line, deployed the lad's reserve, let go, fell away and deployed his own chute. Both landed safely. The soldier was decorated, not surprisingly.
  6. The heroic's that men will perform to avoid the mountain of paperwork that an accident would have entailed.
  7. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    That would have been Mick Reeves of the Gun Club, and a damn fine bit of work it was too.

    I believe the hung-up lad was quite chuffed too !
  8. If theyd had the "Hupra" system there wouldnt have been a problem like we used to have ( not sure if its still in service?), I believe a TA soldier had it put to use about 10 years ago on a jump in UK and landed without any injury and was put back into an aircraft to make a fresh decent!!
  9. The Para Sigs had a recruiting video in 1984 with a similar but lot nastier accident.

    Lots of gung ho stuff at first with prepping the vehicles for dropping and the men all cammed up ready to go. One of them was pissed off as he was/is a specky twa* . he was well pisse* off as they (RAF Jumpmasters ) made him stick his specks on with black nasty.

    Anyway, as the film rolled and they sticks started to exit. The first or second out hesitated and got his leg jammed in the door. Jumpmaster had no option but to pull the leg until he exited the aircraft. Said leg was broken and the screams could be heard in the aircraft.
    To the unknowing it looks like the jumpmaster is just tossing something out. Nasty accident though.

    Also a laugh as they (Para Sigs Head Shed) had decided to use ‘Actors’ to portray the featured Paras once on the ground . The toms were all lining up to fill the ‘actors’ in as they were Nancy boys.
  10. Yeah, good old HUPRA is still in service, although don't fancy it either way to be honest.