Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Enemy_Front, Jan 30, 2008.

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  1. Afternoon All,

    I just stumbled across this Web site whilst doing a bit of research on-line into the Infantry. Top site, lots of useful information and advice – exactly what I am after.

    Basically, I am 23 years old (24 in August) and have decided I want to enlist. I did have reservations but the general consensus seems to be that age will not be a problem. I am looking at the possibility of joining the Parachute Regiment, and here’s where I am looking for help.

    I am what I would describe as generally fit, but not fit enough. So, my questions are:

    * How long would it take to attain enough fitness to start CIC (Para)?
    * What sort of exercises should I be doing? I am currently running, swimming, circuits and bodyweight exercises. Should I join a gym?
    * Is the ADSC time 09:18 or 09:40?

    I apologise if this has been covered before but I could not see anything with the Search function.

  2. Sensible answers only please!

    Sandy, probably one for you?
  3. Depends on how you train mate, depending on the intensity and how much you can handle i would say about 5 months.

    No need to join a gym you seem to be doing enough already.

    Depends on your effort if you do really well in your gym tests you can get away with 9:40.
  4. I did and I found this image sporting a blue helmet:

    Grimacing cadet attempts to climb a rope in Otterburn.
    people female sport helmet

    Not sure what message they are trying to convey, they've got lots of female cadets and ginger officers on display there. Given that there is a very competent photographer on the books with an extensive collection of images there's no excuse for that.

    On the subject matter though I would have thought that if you were reasonably fit then the three months the TA course gives you is the bare minimum, infact why don't you give them a call. If you are on your own and less fit then it's going to take a lot longer and you'll probably still get a fright.
  5. Collie is a bit of a bitch to get to from my location so I would rather wait until I am closer to the standard before applying. Cheers tho, I have bookmarked the link for future use.

    Surely 4PARA would be none to impressed if I tipped up and said "I would like to get ready for the Regs, can I train with you." Or do you mean join 4PARA, do P Coy and then apply? Thinking about it that is not such a bad idea, I know the standards are slightly lower [on P Coy] but it would give me a good grounding.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    4 Para is quite happy to have recruits on the books who aim to join the regular bns. Also, some people join with that in mind, but a change in circumstances means they stay for longer than they originally planned.
  7. Sounds good, I have filled in the form on the Web site.

    When does the next cadre start, April? Will I have time to get on it?
  8. The next cadre starts in May and runs right through to CIC/P Coy november, with breaks for summer leave and summer camp.
  9. :thumright: Cheers Cadman, will try get myself on that.
  10. Get your H and lungs up to speed but don’t over do it or you will burn yourself out before week eight. I saw a fair few recruits make this common mistake and learn your regimental history beforehand. Good luck mate :wink:
  11. It depends just how fit you are when you join. Lets face it there are a lot of very unfit people out here these days
  12. Get your mile and a half run time down to 9 .18 (which aint that hard in the grand scheme of things).

    Do some upper body at the gym etc, but you dont need to be a roid monkey or anything.

    Pass RSC.

    Then when you front up to Catterick the instructors will sort out the rest as far as your daily phys goes.

    Quite simple really.