Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by lordflashnob, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. I want to join the paras I go to the gym for 20 minutes twice a week will this be enough to get me through the training or will I have to do more ?
    I also know how to bull boots a friend of mine showed me hopefully this will help.
    Any other info will help thank you
  2. You want to be running a fair bit pal, were you not given a 'Get Fit for the Army' guide?
  3. No I dont know what that is where would I get a get fit for the army book
  4. It would seem that you have all the bases covered,you have prepared well for it I can see.I would only suggest working on your wah abilities a little.
  5. wah abilities ?
  6. LoL, if you go into your local ACIO you can speak to them about joining and they'll give you a 'Get Fit for the Army guide'... ;)
  7. Is there an office near Oxford and what is acio will they tell me about wah training ?
  8. LoL, theres no such thing as WAH training pal... there is an ACIO in oxford, an ACIO is an Army Careers Information Office - where you go to join up...
  9. I really hope this is a wah... :roll:
  10. Thanks for the info I havent built up the courage yet but I will definately in the next week or so what should I take with me
  11. what is wah ?
  12. You won't need to take anything with you - your first visit will be an informal chat to see what you want to do, etc, and they will then give you an application pack, with your fitness guide in it.
  13. 20 Minutes, and this is not in the hole yet - i am outraged :roll:

    I bet old flashnob has an o2 tag by sunset :p

  14. Work out -at -home