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Hey, im set on joining the paras but wondering what the average day of a para like as i am planning to join the AFC when im 16 ( at the moment 15) ? soz if this question has already been asked, cheers :thumleft:


Book Reviewer
Maybe you could post your age? i suspect some people are already rubbing their hands at the possible answers, your age might get them to behave...
Alexhill said:
Each other ive heard, in a serious way, will they still perform like an infantry unit except with parachuting added in?
You really ARE looking for a date with a QA - in the worst possible way..?
Alexhill said:
Alexhill said:
In a serious way, will they still perform like an infantry unit except with parachuting added in?
i was asking the question in a serious way not the first part
If this isn't a wind up - google 'The Parachute Regiment' - and read EVERYTHING - TWICE.

Then if you are serious - phone a Recruiter - numbers there for you - and they will call you back - that will then give you your answers...

AFC = Air Force Cadets?? Try ACF - probably more useful..
Thanks for a good reply, Im not in anyway taking it lightly, I just had the thought from a friend who told me. Im just watching those documentarys below that video you sent me. cheers and goodluck tom! :thumright:
im at AFC Harrogate doing my phase 1 and its good but something like 5% of the Para's actually make (out of 1400 junior Soldiers) per year. bear in mind that you may not like the infantry so get a back up pal, ive seen my mates(infanteers) go on Excersises first and second flight and think fook that its REME/RAC/RLC for me.

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