Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by no1cares, Jun 20, 2006.

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  1. Do we really need our 'airborne' soldiers, i mean when was the last time they dropped into battle? WWII??
  2. I'll think you'll find it was Suez
  3. Yes we do. See any number of similarly dim-witted posts for plenty of reasons.

  4. I'm not out for an argument. Its a friendly debate. Wars aree fought differently now anyway, nukes.

  5. Yes we farking do need them. They've been helping fat munters get laid in the Shot for years!
  6. Paras dropped into Sierra Leone to secure an airhead!

    Fair enough, it was 2 para sqn RAF regt but they had to jump in to do the job...
  7. tech-wizard, i've read your threads, GO AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anyone else got views on the original thread?
  8. ohhh, another recruit to the clan. i'll put you next to guru in the team :)
  9. Oh right. When did this start? :roll:

  10. i think its due to start next summer isn't it? holiday to Iran anyone?
  11. I hope not. I have plans! Washing my hair.
  12. Maybe in the next couple of days. North Korea are having a whip around for enough pennies to launch a new missile, if that bugger heads off towards San Francisco or LA, god knows what the yanks would do. Or even worse, China - it'd be nice to see north korea turned to glass by the chinese.

    Of course, i'm talking b0llocks, in keeping with this thread. New member, first post, inflamatory comment = Trolling Cnut.
  13. Seen, roger.
  14. whats wrong with the question, this is an open forum therefore we are all entitled to raise debates........................please don't call me the 'c' word.
  15. Because, its your first post and as your well aware calling into question the relevance of Airborne forces is inflamatory and will get a raise from some people. Thats not raising debate, its being a cunt. Which you are.