Discussion in 'Officers' started by benny, Feb 9, 2006.

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  1. I am doing my RCb soon, so I know this is a little early however I am very keen to join the paras upon gaining my commission.

    does anyone have any info ie typical officers day in paras...

    do the officers/soldiers do the course at the same time or do they do seperate (all officer and all soldiers)?

    any inf and insight would be very much appreciated!
  2. Benny? Are you from the Falklands?

    There is no such thing as a typical day in the Army; every day is different :p

    Officers do P Company and the BPC (jumps course) alongside the soldiers. The only difference is where officers stay at night; normally in an annex to the officers' mess. On P company there used to be a very simple way of telling soldiers from officers; officers are made to wear white shirts, soldiers wear red (some more recent lads can confirm if this is still done). As an officer you are expected to not only complete every event (and do it well), but also to lead and help people who are struggling.

    Look very hard at yourself and ask why you want to become a Para. Most reasons do not seem to be so important when you are up to your knees in mud and your shoulder is being fcuked by a heavy metal stretcher. If you still want to do it, then the only way to be in the top 20% at RMAS (you will never be told you are btw), pass an interview at RMAS with the Paras (week 22 point??). I was never an officer with the Paras. but when I joined they seemed determined to change the image of a bunch of fit, but not bright, officers who were also thugs into fit, bright (ok, as much as an officer can be!) thugs :)

    Good luck, but remember there is the whole army out there (I passed P coy in 1992, so ages ago).
  3. thanks dread,

    the paras is the on reg i am interested in, i want to be part of the best the army has to offer. I want to be an officer who humps a bergen across along do proper soldiering!

    If paras dont work out I sill want to be in the infantry. My next choice would be RRF?

    Any views or advice?
  4. Some things also to remember

    You will do the All Arms P Company not the Para Regt one which is (arguebly) harder due to the "lack of prep" WhatI mean by that is Para Regt soldiers are warmed up for P Coy over the whole of thier basic training, wheras the All Arms course you (may) do a pre para course and then turn up and do it, its more of a shock to the system.

    As said before, its isn't just about getting points like the toms, you have to impress as well, I knew a guy on P Coy staff and he told us the story of an officer (whos daddy was very high up) who failed the course for being a jack cnut

    oh also, if the stories are true, once passed and in the Platoon keep our eyes open and mouth shut, you may be an officer but I have heard of some real horror stories of para officers gobbing off and paying the price
  5. Being able to spell could be a start
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    Learn to spell and construct sentences correctly, or RCB and Sandhurst are unlikely to be kind to you. The image of Para Regt officers only being issued with crayons may be funny, but is far from the truth.

    Parachute Regiment officers do not do P Coy with Para Regt soldiers, they do it as part of All Arms P Coy. The soldiers do it as part of their recruit basic training.

    As Dread has said, if you are successful in joining the Parachute Regiment, you are unlikely to have too many typical days.

    Edited to apologise for being slower on the keyboard than Wellyhead - too much time spent checking my own spelling!
  7. I am at work so dont really have the time to review my typing, as I am typing at a fair rate of knots. So apologies for my apparant lack of knowledge of the English language!

    Are you guys still in the paras?

    Do the different battalions have different roles?

    I am also a little unsure of the connection with 16 Air Assault?

    Any experiences/info on the RRF?
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Benny - your first chance to demonstrate Airborne Initiative.

    Fooboy has posted a link on the other thread you posted on. Click on it, read it. Open all the attached links and read them too. Gain knowledge!!

    I heve never served with the RRF so cannot comment on them.
  9. Take one step at a time. Passing RCB is about 10% of gaining a commission, Sandhurst is not easy. Allow yourself the luxury of thinking what you want do if you get thaere.
  10. thanks fellas, your help is greatly appreciated.

    On a seperate note, I didnt attend Uni, will this be held against me at RCB?

    I have a good answer if asked why, but just thought I would ask.

    I can imagine (and have certaintly been told by Para/SAS) that it is incredibly hard for officers to earn any kind of respect from seasoned soldiers, especially in the early days? I am a working class geordie and down to earth, in your views would this be to my advantage?

    I know that you have to work hard to GAIN the respect, and I am fully up for that challenge and actually looking forward to it, however I am trying to prepare myself for military/para life as much as possible.

    I am trying to take everything one step at a time, however this is my dream and life long ambition, I dont want anything else more. Hopefully RCB will be ok, and I wil get to Sandhurst. I am however, nevous as hell about RCB, but only because I dont want to fail, this is the only career i want.

    I know this is turning into an RCB string, but you guys seem to know the crack, so wanted to pick your brains!
  11. Do you have A Levels?
  12. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Benny, you have answered your own questions. Go to the RCB thread - all of your questions have been covered on there, and none of them are Para specific.

  13. yes have 4 a levels
  14. Is there anybody else interested in joining the paras?

    or maybe have been on a fam visit?
  15. Doesn't look like one of them was English.