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  1. Alright guys and gals,,, I was wondering if you could be like a medic to the paras if you get what I mean (train as paras do all they do ect but be there medic) ??

    Sorry if this is a badly posted question (don't exactly know the best wy to ask it)
  2. you already know the answer so why fuk about asking?cock off.
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  4. Yes, you can. Join the RAMC as a Combat Med Tech and then apply for Para training after you have finished Phase 2.
  5. Yes they have people who are classed as Paramedics!! (did you see what I did there). Medics that para trained try looking at the army websitre, as a RAMC CMT!


    edited for being a mong!
  6. You can also join the Paras and then train to become a medic and work in the med center handing out tube-grips and ibrufen
  7. That's the all arms medical course, right? Have seen a few other trades list combat medic as a possible option to train for at a latter date. Depends what you want most as to whether you should choose Para/CMT to start with.
  8. [quote="oddjob"

    you already know the answer so why fuk about asking?cock off.[/quote]

    quite clearly I didn't know the answer if I asked the question did?

    Thanks everyone for the replies. I should of ask at the AFCO but forgot completely what I had wante to ask ha... Anyways thanks again
  9. The best option, giving you credibility would be to join the Parachute Regiment, and do RCMT courses & join the Regimental Aid Post, you could transfer to RAMC later.

    Doing it the other way round would take longer and wouldn't be as credible with the blokes you're supporting, because you'll always be a Hat.
  10. If you apply for a CMT course in the paras it's down to the discretion of the platoon sergeant/ commander from what recruiters have told me. Joining the RAMC is the only way "to be garaunteed training in that job role" (CMT)
  11. Yes that's correct, but if you join the RAMC and wanted to transfer to a Para RAP It'll be at someone else's discretion.